deskmat with UFO across field

The Truth Is Out There Deskmats

Taken in 1975 by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, extraterrestrial contactee

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Blue Bubblegum
Linear Switch

From Keebhut

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Blush Switch

Developed by ALLCAPS team member ^prince

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[GB] Blue Bubblegum Linear Switch

From Keebhut, a small vendor out of Southern California comes it’s first switch, the Gateron Blue Bubblegum Linear. 

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[Pre-Order] Popcorn (Tactile) Switches

DISCLAIMER: Not to be taken internally!

We know, it’s sooo easy to mistake these phenomenal switches for your favourite salty snack, popcorn! But, they’re just really nice custom switches from the gang at Charue! The tactility is the same as other Tecsee Tactile switches and is similar to TKC Kiwis. There's little to no pre-travel before the tactile bump.

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