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Pantheonkeys Pandora’s Box Switch Opener

Pantheonkeys Pandora’s Box Switch Opener

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What’s inside Pandora’s box? A handy dandy switch opener of course!

Pandora’s Box is a premium CNC milled aluminium switch opener designed in house by our mates in Singapore: Pantheonkeys!

CNC Aluminium 
MX & Kailh compatibility
Magnets embedded in lid
Ships in a custom Pantheonkeys box!
Designed by Pantheonkeys

This beautifully simple switch opener supports both MX & Kailh style switches and is closed with secure magnets embedded in the lid. This tiny but feature rich switch opener should be a part of every keyboard lover’s kit! Small, lightweight and packed full of utility - basically the best thing since MX Blacks.

Fits in your pocket (even that tiny useless one in your jeans) and easily stashed so you don’t have to admit to your mates how often you lube things. Classic switch opener process applies here: place switch on the appropriate opener thing, press down on the top, bang, switch open for hours of pain/modding joy.

One opener to rule them all, one opener to find them,

One opener to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them;

In the Land of Keebs where the switches lie.

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