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Gateron Cap Yellows v2

Gateron Cap Yellows v2

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The Golden Caps v2, like other golden things are shiny, brilliant and oh so pretty to look at

Priced in the mid tier but with some love can get you to sub-demi-god tier with little effort. Praised the community for offering performance that of the much loved Gateron Ink, but with a slightly different stem design. Featuring Gateron's new moulds for 2021, stem wobble is drastically reduce and tolerances are tighter. Films not recommended, but we'll allow it.

Stem: Yellow, Linear
Top Housing: Yellow
Bottom Housing: Yellow
Spring weight: 50g (actuation)
Factory lubricant: Yes
Pins: 5
Yellow: Yes

They also feature some factory lube that you can either leave, or just lube right over if that's your play. Great stock, even greater modded, these are a super nice linear for your collection.

Available in packs of 70, 90 and 110.

NOTE: Ships in a standard ALLCAPS bag, not the acrylic case to keep costs down. Ta.

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