Shipping FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding shipping and orders we get through messages and the Discord. If all else fails, please get in contact with us!


How long do orders take to ship?
Orders are collected from the Shop by our shipping partners on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (sometimes).

  • Most orders are packed within 1-2 business days
  • Most orders are typically collected within 3-5 business days. We usually much faster than that, but just be aware that there is usually a slight delay from packing to collection by a shipping partner

If you order on a weekend, orders will ship on the next possible business day, expect Tuesday/Wednesday packing.

Who do you ship with?
AusPost, Sendle, FexEX and DHL. You can select your preference at checkout. 

  • Most Australian/New Zealand orders will ship via Sendle or AusPost
  • International orders will ship via AusPost or FedEX/DHL

Can I collect my order?
Pickup is available for all orders in store, we are located at 2/77 Hampshire Road, Sunshine! We’re even on Google, so you know we’re legit.

Yes, we’re a physical store located in Sunshine
No, we’re not insane.

What if we send you the wrong thing?
We’re super sorry if this has happened, but sometimes we make mistakes too! If there is an issue with your order please message us! Log a ticket on Discord or send us an email!

We’ll send you a replacement next day we’re staffed in the Shop. In your replacement will be a self addressed parcel pack, drop the incorrectly sent item in there and pop it in the post. Much appreciated!

What if I have Group Buy items on my order too?
Please don’t! If you happen to make an order with GB items we will email you and possible cancel your order. Errors and stock issues can occur if you add in-stock items to a Group Buy orders.

Can I change my address?
Absolutely! Message, email or log a ticket on Discord.

Contact Us

Best way to contact you?
All members of the team are available on Discord. That is by far the best way to contact us. Otherwise, we’re on most socials and of course email.

Are you a supplier, designer or GB runner?
Same deal, ping us on Discord to see if we’d be a good fit for your next project!