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KNC Keys

KNC Keys Green Jacket Linear Switch V1.5

KNC Keys Green Jacket Linear Switch V1.5

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Green Jacket Linear switch from KNC is BACK with V2. V2 retains all the goods that come in V1. However, the newly revised stem is shorter (13.5mm) which results in a longer travel distance. This potentially makes the switch is easy to type on. No more mistype!!!

Sold in Packs of 10, 1=10 Switches

Stem: White - Long Pole (Revised 13.5mm, Long Stem)
Top housing: Green (HPE)
Bottom housing: Green (Nylon)
Spring Weight: 63.5g Dual-Stage Spring
Factory Lube: Light factory lube
Pins: 5
Switch Manu: Tecsee

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