ALLCAPS Early-March 2023 Updates! Ciel65, Green Jacket v2, AIR Caps shesh!

ALLCAPS Early-March 2023 Updates! Ciel65, Green Jacket v2, AIR Caps shesh!

Time, like death rolls on with stark inevitability despite offering little solace in return. 2023 has Brough with it new challenges, along with the same old ones. It’s life and keyboards. It’s keyboards and life. Also, HOLY HELL A BUNCHA STUFF ARRIVED!

Our container arrived last week and we have finally made our way through it! This container included….

Ciel65 Keyboard Kits - IN STOCK NOW!

Chickenman delivers and when he does he delivers BIG. The Ciel65 is ready. It’s IN STOCK and it’s waiting for you. Available in Alu and Polycarbonate, bae.

Probably my favourite board of the last year - I have been lucky enough to be rolling with the polycarbonate Proto (with the ah.. chicken on the outside). It’s mega nice, sounds great, has excellent compatibility and excellent type feel across the whole board. Understated, clean and refined this board sings and at this price point it’s very, very nice indeed. Loves long poles, loves a poly or POM plate and sings with deep tactiles. A winner for sure.

DMK Third Space

The guys at Zero G Studio have nailed it again! Another lovely blue set produced by DMK in Cherry profile. Extras are EXTREMELY limited, like extremely extremely limited. So cop now or forever hold your piece. 

Green Jacket v2 Linear Switches

Featuring a slightly reduced stem length, one of our most popular switches of the last 6 months is back for version 2. This time KNC knocked a touch off the stem to round out the sound a touch. In stock now and ready to ship, hot diggity.



Group buys are in order of run date, please scroll to find your GB of choice. Shipped GBs have dropped off the list, extras are available in their respective product pages if there are any left. UPDATED FOR 2023, new year new me.

MW Alpenglow / Keycaps
STATUS: Manu delayed
ETA: Q2, 2023
Block 67 R2 / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: Shipping to ALLCAPS (in next container)
ETA: Q1, 2023
Mochi40 / Keyboard Kit
ETA: Q1, 2023
KBM Love Detective / Keycaps
STATUS: Manu completing end of the month
ETA: Q4, 2022
DCS WoB / Keycaps
STATUS:Manu completing in April
ETA: Q2, 2023
KBM Fairy / Keycaps
STATUS: Queued for production
ETA: Q1, 2023
MW Pavilion / Keycaps
STATUS: Invoicing
ETA: Q3, 2023
PBTFans Pyga / Keycaps
STATUS: Shipping to ALLCAPS (in next container)
ETA: Q1, 2023
Deadline Studio AIR Series / Keycaps
STATUS: Shipping to ALLCAPS (in next container)
ETA: Q1, 2023
Kitsune / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: Manu completing soon
ETA: Q1, 2023
DMK Rubber / Keycaps
STATUS: Manu completing soon
ETA: Q2, 2023
Tyche One / Keycaps
STATUS: Shipping to ALLCAPS (in March container)
ETA: Q2, 2023



Here is the next container’s contents. These are the boxes of things that are currently sitting inside a large metal box that is sitting on a ship somewhere between China and Melbourne.

STATUS: Docking soon, customs up next
ETA: Mid-March


  • Block67
  • Pyga
  • PBTFans Keycap Trays
  • Deadline Studio AIR Keycaps 

Apologies for the delay, we’ve completed the required paperwork and expect this container’s contents to be with us in about a week. Again, our apologies for the delay on PBTFans products, this is due to delays out of china and with customs.


Things that you could possibly buy later that will ship even later. Limited run, one

PBTFans Keycap Trays

Probably the best keycap trays going around are now at ALLCAPS, well they will be soon so they're open for pre-order. Arriving with Pyga and available in both clear and smokey. Limited quantities so don't sleep!

Klash of the Kaiju Deskmat

In a world filled with giant monsters, or kaiju, six Toho kaijus gathered to determine who was the strongest among them. Pantheonkeys have absolutely CRUSHED this mat and the Group Buy is only open until March 20th.


MMSTUDIO Mera Mera no Mi Switch

The Mera Mera no Mi Switch reflects back to an orange cowboy who always wear a hat and a pleasant smile with sad badges on the brim, the logo of a skull, black hair, freckles, and a red bead necklace around the neck. The left arm has ASCE tattoos, with the "S" crossed in honor of Saber, and the back tattoo is the White Beard Thieves logo. It’s obvious that he is a ordinary but overwhelming boy. Live til sold out, due in April.


Not much has restocked this month as we are preparing for a massive influx of pre-order and group buy stuffs to arrive from our forwarders. 

Krytox Lubricants
ETA Mid/Late March

Also mid March

In stock! The Pink 75% mats finally arrived mates.

Gateron Pro Milky Yellows

Blue Bubblegums
Also SOON (a couple of weeks away).


Everything coming in is from a pre-order or Group Buy, which is incredible. Can’t wait to get these things into your hands. But, all these things coming in has been mega distracting on stocking up on in-stock bangers. 

Plenty of deskmats have moved to in-stock this month though!
Extras listed above, I would type it again… but I’m not going to waste your time with even more waffle.



Honeydew Switches
If you know, you know. Typing test below, due in Q2, 2023 and probably in-stock.

GMK Blot

Our first GMK set is dropping soon. Maybe April, maybe. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements this month. Cannot wait for this one to drop, my personal favourite set and an absolute must have, we’re been following this set since 2022 and lemme tell you it’s a freaken ripper.



Another MONSTER of a set from our boy PJ is incoming, prepare yourselves.  


That's it, 2023 is bothering me and it knows it.


Cheers, pals.

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