[Pre-Order] Mera Mera no Mi in Switch
[Pre-Order] Mera Mera no Mi in Switch
[Pre-Order] Mera Mera no Mi in Switch
[Pre-Order] Mera Mera no Mi in Switch

[Pre-Order] Mera Mera no Mi in Switch

I accidentally looked at my calendar and found that I needed to cherish the past 2022 and welcome 2023. January 1st is not only the first page of the calendar but also his birthday. On this day, I wonder if you remember the orange cowboy who always wear a hat and a pleasant smile with sad badges on the brim, the logo of a skull, black hair, freckles, and a red bead necklace around the neck. The left arm has ASCE tattoos, with the "S" crossed in honor of Saber, and the back tattoo is the White Beard Thieves logo. It’s obvious that he is a ordinary but overwhelming boy.

This time, we're introducing the Mera Mera no Mi switch,which is adopting the blendent of his ability so as to create a vivid atmosphere --Mera Mera no Mi. In honor of the gentle freckled boy--Ace,conveying his unpretentious and ordinary strength and kindness.

Sold in box of 35, 1 box contains 35 Switches

Type: Linear
Stem: Long Pole LY stem (13.1mm)
Top housing: Mixed PC 
Bottom housing: Polymer composite
Spring Weight: Extended gold-plated spring
Operating force: 48±20gf
Total travel: 3.7 ± 0.3 mm
Switch Manufacturer: JWK

ETA: En route to us. Late March or Early April arrival
    Tax included.
    Size: 35 switches
    35 switches