ALLCAPS Mid-Sept 2022 Updates! KBM Fairy, BBN Tactiles & Deskmat Sale!

ALLCAPS Mid-Sept 2022 Updates! KBM Fairy, BBN Tactiles & Deskmat Sale!

WOWSERS IT'S BEEN A WHILE. Not intentionally of course, I'm just bad at this. Lots of things have happened since we last spoke - although I'm aware it's just me typing, but I am talking to myself as write this, but wouldn't it be wild if we WERE talking right now. Imagine. What would we talk about? This is so cool. Am I god? No! You are? C R A Z Y.

Anyways... it would be remiss of me to not update you on what been happening around the ALLCAPS Shop.

Goodnight sweet Jam
For those of you who don't know our 1st (and not necessarily best) employee Jamboards has finished up with us this month. All jokes aside, we're a tiny little family here at ALLCAPS. We will truly miss Jam and his contribution to ALLCAPS is really beyond words. He has packed probably most of y'alls orders, you are likely in our discord which he designed and moderated for many, many months. We wish him all the best while he is in the USA pursuing the big time as a basketball legend / full time baller. 

The winds of change - welcome Scott!
aka Keymystery on the Discord, no doubt you have seen Scott active on the server. Now, you'll see him active in the shop in human form! Please join me in welcoming Key to the team - he's got big shoes to fill! (literally, Jam's a giant).

KBM Fairy
This is the set I've been looking forward to and obsessed with since we saw the IC pop off. A soft pastel gradient set WITH 40s compatibility? Take my left arm and GIMME GIMME. Wintea's phenomenal set is an absolute monster, totally cute and will fit basically any board due to that healthy compatibility from Keebee.

BONUS: 1st day participants in the Group Buy will get a free Enamel Pin with their orders so jump on quick! Otherwise, the pin will be $16.

See below, jeez we have a lot of deskmats! Save me.

BBN Tactiles
Local streamer, legend and keyboard enthusiast we all know and love - Nim has designed another banger of a switch. This time following a similar theme as his linear switches, but with a burgundy stem the BBN Tactiles are LIVE, IN STOCK NOW! They will begin shipping this weekend or can be picked up in store at our Sunshine location.

Opening Hours
Now staffing has settled somewhat with Key on the team, we are making some changes to our opening hours. From this week (17th Sept) we will be EXTENDING the opening hours for Saturday - so y'all can make it without having to rush! New hours below:

  • Tuesday - 10am-1pm
  • Thursday - 10am-1pm
  • Saturday - 10am-2pm

We're extending Saturday to see how well it works, so please pop by if you've been meaning to!


Guess what? TinyMats have shipped to our forwarder already! Hot damn that's quick! Packaging has been completed also so we are just awaiting delivery to get these out to pre-order customers!

Pre-order is still live, so you can still scoop up your TinyMat at a sweet discount using code TINYMATS25 at checkout. Only available online but you can come check them out in store at our Sunshine location.



We have come to realise that we have SO MANY MATS! So, now is the perfect time to either stock up or get your next showpiece for your setup! We have literally hundreds to choose from! All at 25% cause JC is a terrible manager of stock.

Wasn't going to list them all down... but here they are anyways, in no particular order:

Pantheonkeys Stone Lion Kill.Switch
Soul Series SwitchLab Eclipse
IceyKeebs Jigen-Ryu ContraKey Mechade
Synchronise Truth Is Out There
Ramen Switch v2



Group buys are in order of run date, please scroll to find your GB of choice. Shipped GBs have dropped off the list, extras are available in their respective product pages if there are any left. UPDATED SIGNIFICANTLY

SA PolyClear / Keycaps
STATUS: Manu starting soon
ETA: Q4, 2022
Trans Awareness Mats / Deskmats
STATUS: Shipping soon!
ETA: Late Q2, 2022 *extremely delayed*
MW Alpenglow / Keycaps
STATUS: Colour matching underway
ETA: Q4, 2022
DMK x Zero G Studio Midnight / Keycaps
STATUS: Shipping to ALLCAPS!
ETA: Q4, 2022
allcaps Starter PBT Sets & Mats
STATUS: Invoicing
ETA: Q3, 2022
Block 67 R2 / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: Invoicing
ETA: Q1, 2023
Mochi40 / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: Invoicing complete
ETA: Q1, 2023
KBM Love Detective / Keycaps
STATUS: Invoicing complete
ETA: Q4, 2022
Liquid Dreams / Deskmats
STATUS: Invoicing now
ETA: Q4, 2022
DMK x Zero G - Third Space
STATUS: Invoicing complete
ETA: Q1, 2023
DCS WoB / Keycaps
STATUS: Invoicing
ETA: Q1, 2023
Deadline Studio AIR Series / Keycaps
STATUS: Invoicing complete
ETA: Q4, 2022
Tetrix60 / Keyboards
STATUS: Invoicing
ETA: Q1, 2023
Ciel65 / Keyboards
STATUS: Collating extras and orders
ETA: Q1, 2023
Keebstation by ArtKey / Deskmats
STATUS: Invoicing complete
ETA: Q4, 2022


Detailed updates

We have recently updated our pre-order availability with recently closed GBs for those that missed out. Those that have been recently updated are listed below:

More will be added soon, but if you missed these GBs we ran earlier this year we are able to offer them as pre-orders knowing they will be delivered soon.


Recently, ALLCAPS had to make a move from shipping all of our Group Buy and larger product orders from each manufacturer direct by air to filling the inside of a large metal box and rolling it across the sea. Thus, new to the famed ALLCAPS updates are is this fun section.

STATUS: At sea
ETA: October


  • ALLCAPS Tubs!
  • DMK x Zero G Midnight
  • Cherry Restock
  • TinyMats


Things that you could possibly buy later that will ship even later. Limited run, one

KBM Fairy (Live through October 16th)

Inspired by the whimsical and magical creatures hidden behind the lush of the forest, waiting to be found. But be careful and try not to fall for their charm, as they can keep you trapped for eternity…

Wintea's mega cute, super aesthetic set is live at ALLCAPS! Don't miss out on this one. Great pricing, great, great kitting (including 40s!) with super cute artisans and deskmats to round out the set. Not to be missed, really, don't sleep. 

SpacePaws Deskmat (live through 10th Oct)

SwitchLab is back with another great mat for your setup, but this time it's a new spin on SwitchLab's classic design Pawpops. Sporting four colourways, this cutie is guaranteed to have a match for your setup! 

Miko aka Cpt. SpacePaws is back and in space! Catch Miko streaming onboard her spaceship orbiting around the moon.



Things we restocked, or re-upped again for your purchasing pleasure, or pain. Depends on what you like, really. Not many this month cause we've been slammed on GBs/we over ordered everything.

There's lots, too many to list. 

Switch Samplers
Few in stock, more will be coming when we have MX Blacks and Browns.

Broken-in MX Blacks
SOON. On the way.

Reg MX Black
Also on the way.


Also restocked!



BBN Tactiles

Like we said, they're in-stock and you can cop right now! No waiting required, other than for AusPost if you're into that.

KNC Keys Green Jacket Tactile
Also arrived since we last spoke, in stock and shipping now. There is also the Linear version for those that swing that way.

YES ya boi John as delivered the goods! That means mooooar cables for everyone. Ready to matchy matchy your setup in BOTH coiled and straight, for those that can't decide. Online tonight (16th Sept).



ALLCAPS x Fataly Lube Stations
Built by a local legend Fatal, they will be in-stock and ready to party. Available in two sizes. We are reviewing the protos again, they will be available but we need more time to release them. ETA is finally set for Mid-October after many, many delays.

ALLCAPS Hoodies & Tees
Heavyweight materials, drop shoulders and minimal branding. Working on it. Stay tuned.

Lube Cleaner for Switches
We have a fresh proto of a new switch cleaner that we are road testing at the moment. This includes what part ratio is required with water, how much to use, how little to use and what gloves to wear are all being tested as we speak by the team! What quantities and sizes that will be available is still unknown. ETA is November.

That's it for now. Please buy some deskmats.


Later, gater

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