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KBM Love Detective

KBM Love Detective

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Are you lovesick? Experiencing mild despair? Unsure of how to make a move towards taking the big step in your new relationship - holding hands? All these problems and more can be resolved through the employment of a qualified Love Detective!

This set was lovingly designed by together by Reebes and his fiancée. Inspired by their favourite love detective, they have designed a stellar white and pink set that is an absolute must buy for pink lovers out there!

Colours with warmer undertones were chosen to convey a warm type of personality. While the 
cream colour of the alphas is complemented by the “peachy coral-ly soft orange-y colour” (these descriptions are as quoted from Reebes' Fiancee, a professional artist). The same peach/coral/orange colour is used as the base colour on accent keys, contrasted with bright blue legends. Kitting is generous and caters to most boards you can throw at it, there's even a 40s base kit! 

Dye-Sub/Reverse Dye-Sub PBT
Cherry Profile
Produced by Keebee Manufacturing
Designed by Reebes

Original Timeline
Group Buy: June 9th - July 9th 2022
Estimate Shipping: Q3 2022
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