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Cherry Hyperglides (MX Black)

Cherry Hyperglides (MX Black)

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There’s nothing wrong with safe.

MX Blacks are a safety choice; the standard for mid-tier, middle of the road, always reliable linear switches. This batch has been produced with Cherry's newest Hyperglide tooling, making them smooth, thoccy and well, very decent indeed. Scratch is at a minimum stock and will only improve with a round of 205g0. These switches are just like the ones old mate Sharon from accounts rocks in her old beige banger, only newer.

Stem: Black, Linear
Top Housing: Black
Bottom Housing: Black
Spring weight: 60g (actuation) / 85g (bottom out)
Factory lubricant: No
Pins: 5

    We always recommend lube and it can be copped in stock, at the same time as these bad boys. If we sell out, these will be reordered and should be considered a regular, in stock item so don't stress if we sell out.

    Available in quantities of 10.

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