ALLCAPS Late-October 2021 Updates! xPBT Poison LIVE!

ALLCAPS Late-October 2021 Updates! xPBT Poison LIVE!

Oh boy, it's that loser ALLCAPS again with even more boring updates. HERE WE GO AGAIN. Let me say from the get go, I am sorry these are so long. But, it's all I have. This and Quarter Pounders. 

Things are really heating up around here at ALLCAPS, couldn't be more excited and excited to bring you even more fun keyboard stuff! Group Buys have been going off, we're running a keyboard and there's even more in-stock things to be excited about! 



Group buys are in order of run date, please scroll to find your GB of choice. Or, read them all, up to you.

A Martian View Deskmats
Phenomenal Deskmat created by Contrakeys channeling retro-TechTarget space vibes. 

Status: Shipping to ALLCAPS (delayed)
ETA: November 2021 DELAYED
GB link:
Update: Our container has arrived in Sydney but has not been unloaded due to congestion. It's going to be November before we get these out to you guys. So sorry, we had hoped for a faster shipping time, but it's 2021 and couriers hate each and every one of us.

Wildlife Series Switches
Rebult Keyboards latest switches are absolutely LIGHTS OUT. They are long pole, Zykos and Cherry Pie homages wrapped in a little local Malay flair. The Penyu (Turtle) Linear and Harimau (Tiger) Tactile sound insane stock, even better lubed and will be available in both variants through ALLCAPS for AU & NZ customers.

Status: Manufacturing complete, shipping to Rebult!
GB Link:
Update: Manufacturing is complete! We are waiting for Rebult to ship our (massive) amount of switches and bags to us. Hopefully mid-late November at this stage. 

SA Polyclear Keycaps

We are incredibly humbled to be a part of this phenomenal GB! Transparent Polycarb Keycaps in classic sculpted SA, with number of kits (including 40s!) so you can go the whole hog and complete your transparent build, or punctuate an existing set with some nice clear blanks! 

GB Link:
Update: Thank you all who participated in this GB. We expect invoicing to occur in the next couple of weeks and manu to take 8-10 weeks from there. A healthy amount of extras have been ordered for those of you late to the party, but they are limited in number and will sell out quickly. We may open up pre-order during the manu phase, stay tuned.

Ciel60 - Gasket mount 60% kit

The Ciel60 is here! ALLCAPS is proud to bring you a modified open-source bakeneko, but with some nice quality of life improvements in striking colourways! Our favourite is the super super nice Burgundy, but the lilac is fire too. $250, yes $250 Australian dollars is your entry to the world of complete custom boards and we're happy to have you!

ETA: Q2 2022 GB OPEN
GB Link:
Update: GB open now! Due to increased demand across a number of discords, the designer/runner of this board has decided to extend the GB to the 31st Oct. Wooo!


xPBT Poison

Super green, super affordable and super goodlooking! xPBT Poison is a slick but modern colourway with a good amount of kits to increase compatibility. The base kit is $88 so why are you reading this and not copping?

Fun story behind the GB - AUMK needed a vendor for OCE, we were and continue to be completely oblivious to our surroundings. Luckily, AUMK is wise and beautiful. The legends there alerted us to a gap in the vendor offerings and we stepped in to fill the void. Classic ALLCAPS ruining everything kind of story.

Status: GB CLOSES 21st NOV
ETA: Q1 2022 GB OPEN
GB Link:
Update: GB open now! 



Durock Stabs
Silent restock occurred this week to make sure you guys could keep up with your stabs fix. 2u separates were also ordered in this run. Unfortunately, we were not able to get 3u wires as the MOQ is insane and we'd have like thousands of them sitting around. Maybe next time!

Krytox Lubricants
205 remains in stock, however we have already placed a restock order to enable larger quantities to be ordered. 15ml and a couple of BIG BOIs will be available sometime around Oct 28th. XHT-BDZ and 204g0 will also be restocked at the same time next week, but likely only in 5ml quantities.

Dielectric Grease 
Will remain in stock forever because we (I, accidentally) ordered 5 litres of it. Kill me. I also have about a thousand tubs at my disposal now, so there is no excuse.

Lubed & Filmed Switches
MX Blacks, Matchas and Gat Yellows all on the way. Expect them to pop up around 31st (if not earlier). Durock POMs will be lubed up by Alex in the coming weeks - I just need to ship them to him.


Durock Springs
62g multistage springs finally arrived. In stock now. Photos pending, but will be within the week.

Super Lube PFTE Oil
So, here's the thing: 105 is hella expensive, not just for you but for us too. It's also always freaking out of stock at our disti. Rather than busting balls and buying like 3 litres of this, we opted to try for something new. For a cool $5er you can get 5ml of Super Lube's PFTE oil parted out by us into "discrete" (aka the usual ones, we just haven't printed label for them yet) droppers. Allowing you to oil your springs at a fraction of the cost. Things couldn't be more simple. Available now. 

Charue Design Switches
If, somehow you missed the giant brown switch on the ALLCAPS homepage, here's some info for you. Our mates at Charue have designed two exception switches that are available for pre-order now. They're fun, family friendly and oh so colourful - get yours today!


Pantheon Keys Switch Openers

Partnering with our mates at Pantheon Keys, we will be bringing in these lovely openers this year. They are due to be IN STOCK Wednesday 27th October and will be $30. We are kicking off with Red and Black colourways, they'll even be shipped in a neat little Pantheon branded box (patent pending).

ThicThacThok x ALLCAPS Cables
Honestly, you guys are actually amazing. The first limited drop went so well that John is smashing out 5 TIMES THE AMOUNT for drop 2. This time, we will start with black on black and white on white in BOTH coiled and straight. Should be plenty this time for all who want them (including me, don't steal my black on black or I'll cut you). Also, yes I am aware the URL is cooked. I will fix it one day. Due 1st week of November-ish.

Gateron Restock
Ordered and is shipping to us now. In an effort to bring you guys something interesting and new, we have two new Gateron switches dropping in the coming weeks! Golden Cap Yellow v2s and Pro Milky Yellows will be on offer this round. Sorry for all of you who are waiting on tactiles and Ink V2s, we wanted to offer something new to the AUMK in an affordable price bracket. Both switches have been ordered in significant quantities and will be highly affordable in our typical 70/90/110 dime baggies. 

Here's a sound test of the Golden Cap Yellow v2s that should have you convinced:


I don't know where exactly this request came from - Discord probably. But the call for some decently priced, easy to use tubs was asked of us. Well, we have delivered (poorly).

Here's a shitty phone pic from factory:

Anyways, they'll be $6 each or $4 if you buy them with switches. We'll even ship your switches in them to reduce the waste. Available in November.


That's it for this month! If you have any questions about literally anything like the best nappy rash cream to use, where's your order at, are you getting this GB, how do you change your order, where is the best place to each lunch and cry alone, how long until x GB ships then PLEASE hit us on Discord. We would be happy to have you.

Does anyone even read these any more? I would doubt it, but if you're still reading thank you for your service.


Later gater,

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