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Dielectric Grease - Stabiliser Lubricant

Dielectric Grease - Stabiliser Lubricant

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Stabiliser Lubricant

Dielectric grease is the go-to for stabiliser wires as it is nice and thick to eliminate wire rattle. Placed on the wire and the inside of the housings to silence the rattle Dielectric Grease has got you covered, literally. 

The compound in Dielectric grease is an excellent lubricant on rubber, plastic and ceramic surfaces and it also has good high temperature properties. Making it perfect for your rattly stabs and wires. A thick layer is best on your wires and a thin application on the housing. 

Now only available in 10ml variant, this much DG will literally last you years. 10ml is enough to cover ~20+ pairs of stabs.

CAUTION: Avoid lubing switches with this lubricant. If you absolutely have to, please make sure you apply an exceptionally thin layer.

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