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Super Lube

Super Lube PFTE Oil

Super Lube PFTE Oil

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Oil up your springs on a budget!

Super Lube Multi-Use Synthetic Oil is a premium synthetic oil with suspended Syncolon® (PTFE) particles best used with your springs to weed out the nasty ping or crunch. Does the same job as 105, but it's significantly more affordable.

Packaged by ALLCAPS into a neat little 5ml dropper for easy access. Unlike with 105, we don’t really support using Super Lube instead of the old faithful 205g0 - but you could if you HAD TO.

The basic method for applying oil to springs is as follows:

  • Open your switches
  • Dump your springs in a bag
  • Drop 4-6 drops of oil in (depending on your taste)
  • Shake like hell for 30 seconds
  • Replace springs back in switch housing
  • Party

5ml is enough to cover ~300 switches

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