ALLCAPS Early-April 2023 Updates! 1k DISCORD SALE, GMK Blot, Zepsody Trays

ALLCAPS Early-April 2023 Updates! 1k DISCORD SALE, GMK Blot, Zepsody Trays

Hello fellow keyboard enthusiasts, JC here, your least favourite keyboard vendor. First off, sorry to anyone unlucky enough to have ordered from us - truly. We’re just awful.

Second, there’s so much going on it’s wild. We have our first GMK set running this month, along with (not one but) TWO 65% keyboards and last but not least Zepsody’s Display 15 artisan trays dropped for pre-order yesterday. 

There’s keyboards in stock, another on the way, Keycaps in stock too! Shesh, who had have thought ALLCAPS would be an attractive option for keyboards and keyboard related things? Not me, seriously.

Site redesign
Another one, hopefully it’s a bit less shit and easier to locate things you’re after. Specifically though, we put a significant amount of effort into ensuring that it was easier for the average idiot (aka me) to find in stock items vs pre-order/group buy items. Seems to have paid off. Don’t @ me if you don’t agree, I don’t care THAT much (I actually do, I tried REAL HARD). 

The current redesign gives us scope ffor LOL-RESKINNING for sets, themes and holidays. Cause who doesn’t love nerd jokes (nerds like me I guess). Current skin is for GMK Blot which we’ll leave on until someone gets upset.

Easter Trading Hours
Once you’re done with the overdose of chocolate, we thought you’d enjoy extended opening hours this long weekend! We’re open today as usual but we’re open Monday as well in case y’all need another injection of keyboard crap in your long weekend.

Sat: 10-1:45
Mon: 10-1

Our first GMK SET! GMK Blot!
Yep, you heard it here first (ish) - GMK BLOT IS LIVE. We can’t believe it and honestly, this set is probably the best GMK set we’ve seen in a very long time. Make sure you DO NOT miss this bad boy. Thoughtfully designed by our boys at ELOQUENTCLICKS this set features a blood red blot colour way and runic sublegends. It’s elegant in it’s form, with a nasty theme. In fairness, I’m probably due to a ritual sacrifice and all things said and done, I’d be first in line for the sun god.

1k Discord Milestone = SALE

1,000 brave souls have signed themselves for sadness memes, JC roasting and babbling about 40s boards. We also post updates more frequently there, well Kent does, he’s much better than I am. I just cop the abuse (rightly so). It’s genuinely shocking that we’ve got to this milestone and it’s been wonderful to share (my sadness) keyboards and keyboard related things with you all.

If you haven’t joined yet and would like to the link is there: 

Anyways, we’re honoured you’ve all been gracious enough to join our little community and as such we’re stoked to offer 10% everything in stock until midnight, 15th April. YES friends! As a disclaimer though, it doesn’t apply to pre-order or GB orders. 


Group buys are in order of run date, please scroll to find your GB of choice. Shipped GBs have dropped off the list, extras are available in their respective product pages if there are any left. UPDATED FOR 2023, new year new me.

MW Alpenglow / Keycaps
STATUS: Manu delayed
ETA: Q2-Q3, 2023
Mochi40 / Keyboard Kit
ETA: Q2, 2023 (end of April)
KBM Love Detective / Keycaps
STATUS: Manu completing end of the month
ETA: Q4, 2022
DCS WoB / Keycaps
STATUS: Manu completing in April
ETA: Q2, 2023
KBM Fairy / Keycaps
STATUS: Queued for production
ETA: Q1, 2023
MW Pavilion / Keycaps
STATUS: Queued for production
ETA: Q3, 2023
Deadline Studio AIR Series / Keycaps
STATUS: Shipping to ALLCAPS (due April)
ETA: Q1, 2023
Kitsune / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: Manu completing soon due to PCB issues
ETA: Q1, 2023
DMK Rubber / Keycaps
STATUS: Manu completing soon
ETA: Q2, 2023
Tyche One / Keycaps
STATUS: Shipping to ALLCAPS (in April container)
ETA: Q2, 2023
Klash of the Kaiju / Deskmats
STATUS: Invoicing
ETA: Q2, 2023



Here is the next container’s contents. These are the boxes of things that are currently sitting inside a large metal box that is sitting on a ship somewhere between China and Melbourne.

STATUS: At sea
ETA: Late April


  • Tyche One
  • MMSTUDIO Mera Mera no Mi Switch
  • Deadline Studio AIR Keycaps 


Things that you could possibly buy later that will ship even later. Limited run, one

GMK Blot live through April 24th
Our first GMK Group Buy from our very good mates at ELOQUENTCLICKS. 

Deadline Studio NewRetro #66 live through April 16th

This keyboard was designed even before Deadline Studio was officially established. It all happened in June 2021. The idea of the keyboard is deconstruction with a mix of modern and retro aspects together. A "layer-up" structure was utilized to create a new visual experience by staggering between the transparent and opaque components. 

Knight 313 - 65% Keyboard Kit live through 5th April *extended*

There’s so many options to list here with this kit, best to leave it to the product pages to walk you though. But, it’s a cute yet symmetrical design with clean lines that’s sure to impress. Don’t sleep, there’s only a few days left due to an extension for this update.

MMSTUDIO Mera Mera no Mi Switch

The Mera Mera no Mi Switch is on the way, due in the April container which will arrive around the 25th.

Zepsody Display 15 Artisan Tray

$50. Seriously. You know what to do. 


Not much has restocked this month as we are preparing for a massive influx of pre-order and group buy stuffs to arrive from our forwarders. 

Krytox Lubricants
ETA Mid/Late April cause I’m bad at this

Ordered restock, awaiting delivery and Prince to part it out. We ordered A LOT.

In stock! The Pink 75% mats finally arrived mates.

Gateron Pro Milky Yellows
ETA mid April, Gateron have shipped our order.

Blue Bubblegums
ETA mid April, Gateron have shipped our order.


Everything coming in is from a pre-order or Group Buy, which is incredible. Can’t wait to get these things into your hands. But, all these things coming in has been mega distracting on stocking up on in-stock bangers. 

Ciel65 Keyboard Kits - IN STOCK NOW!

Papa Chicken has CRUSHED this board. The internal weight, polycarb quality, giant chicken… thing. It’s all gold. And in stock (in poly only).

Block-67 r2 65% Keyboard Kit

I have personally been using this board over the last two weeks and I can tell you it’s a very, very nice board. Super under the radar sleeper, in my opinion. Available in (most) alu colours, but the big brain move is the Rose Gold/Pink model, fellow losers. 



Honeydew Switches
If you know, you know. Typing test below, due in Q2, 2023 and probably in-stock.


Another MONSTER of a set from our boy PJ is incoming, prepare yourselves.  

I can’t release more leaks otherwise I might get murdered, but there are LOTS on the way. To be clear, there are NO LEAKS in this post. NONE. 

I ordered some hoody samples on Thursday. Good lord things are happening and we’re here for it.

Cheers, pals.

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