ALL CAPS February 2021 Updates! Idyllic Switch Films!

ALL CAPS February 2021 Updates! Idyllic Switch Films!

Hey everyone,

Welcome to February! Thanks for your ongoing support of this little keyboard venture, we are genuinely humbled and shocked that you all have made your way to the little site that couldn’t. February brings a new drop of products that we’re super excited to offer!

Idyllic Switch Films

We’re super excited to announce that we are now stocking Idyllic Switch Films! Available in  Black for this first drop, they’re in stock and ready for shipping NOW! Cop your lube and films at the same damn time!

Available immediately on our site!


Dielectric Grease RESTOCK

You animals savaged my stock of DG for your stabs over the last month and now I have restocked enough to take down a small Rhino. Consider this a permanent restock because I over ordered like an idiot and I can’t possibly hope to ever sell it all. If you’d like to bathe in Dielectric Grease, please email me and we’ll work it out.

Available here!




...March 2021 

Keycap pullers, switch pullers, stem holders, 3D Printed Switch Openers and more nights crying myself to sleep.

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