Idyllic Switch Films

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Locally made and designed in Straya, Idyliic’s films and the bees knees!

ALL CAPS is very stoked to bring you Idyllic switch films. Films are designed to reduce wobble as well as impact the sound and feel of your switch. Crack open your switches and pop these between the housings to make a nice, tight and secure fit with a much nicer sound profile.

These are Idyllic’s updated version that has a single rectangle cutout, rather than 2. The adhesive backing allows the film to be kept in place and not slide around once installed. Trust us when we say: these films are the easy to apply! They not move around after application making them the perfect choice for experienced liners and newbies alike. 

Designed with narrow edges, once installed they do not lift up with top housing. 


Colour: Black

Thickness: 0.15mm thick (Standard TX Film)

Number: 110 per pack