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Zuno Studio

Zuno Cat Artisan

Zuno Cat Artisan

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Zuno Cat artisan keycaps - something that appeals to any cat lover! Zuno the cat with a mysterious face, can be angry or not interested in anything, this is his attractive personality. Zunostudio's logo is also taken from the cat Zuno.

Crafted from high-quality materials using a mold made entirely of epoxy resin, no paint is used, making artisan keycaps both durable and beautiful that can last for hundreds of years. It is hand-finished and carefully tested to ensure a perfect fit and finish.

This keycap is compatible with Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kalih switches and is suitable for all keycap profiles.

Make your keyboard truly unique with the addition of the artisan keycap Zuno Cat. The keycap has an intricate design that will stand out on any keyboard. This is a great gift for any keyboard user or cat lover in your life. Crafted with love in Vietnam, this keycap showcases the artistic talent and attention to detail of local artisans. Don't miss the chance to add a little personality to your keyboard setup with the artisan keycap Zuno Cat.


compatible with Cherry-MX and clones
suitable for all keycap profiles

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