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X Linear Switch

X Linear Switch

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Developed by a long-pole fan (but not too long). Xiao Yang from XY Studio brings you his latest invention, X switch. Manufactured by BSUN, who rarely make custom switches. This switch is utilising an uncommon material, known as POK for both top and bottom housing while the stem is made with modified-LY material. This will give you a smooth, clacky, HIGHHHHHHHH-pitched experience that you will not get enough of. Clacky fans sound off in the comments.

Sold in Packs of 10, 1=10 Switches

Type: Linear
Stem: modified-LY
Top housing: POK
Bottom housing: POK
Spring Weight: 52g bottom-out long spring (45g operating force)
Factory Lube: YESSSS. Krytox 205 and 105 mixture on the slider. Dry film lubricant on the sliders of the stem and on the springs. 
Pins: 5
Pre-travel: 1.6mm
Total travel: 3.5mm
Designed by: Xiao Yang from XY Studio
Switch Manu: BSUN/YOK

GB Period: 28th April - 19th May
Estimate Shipping - Early Q3 2023

Not in Australia/NZ?
NA - Unikey
Thailand - NTCH Keys
Singapore/SEA: KTechs
CN/ROW - XY Studio 

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