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Wisteria Linear Switch - B Stock

Wisteria Linear Switch - B Stock

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Manufactured by Meirun, this switch is a result of intensive design and tweaking in the span of 6 months by Zepsody before we have the final form of this bad boi. Smooth, Long-pole, hand-lubed. What else can you ask for really? These switches are in stock and ready to ship!
Spec-wise, they are the same as the normal wisteria switches. However, they are classified as B-stock since they have been plagued with springs issues (wrong weight, different size, or all together I don't know) and we can't be bothered to sort them out. Hence, selling at discount for those of you like to mod them and spring swap. Or don't and lucky dip.

Sold in Packs of 10, 1=10 Switches

Stem: Pink (POM)
Top housing: Purple (PC)
Bottom housing: Purple (Nylon)
Spring Weight: 62g 15mm Spring
Travel distance: 3.4mm
Factory Lube: Hand-lubed
Pins: 5
Switch Manu: Meirun
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