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Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

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Since vacating our Hampshire Road location we have found a significant number of switches in useable quantities that we’ll call Odds & Ends. Listing will be updated frequently as we unpack.

This all-sales-are-final listing of switches includes:

  • Last bag left or final quantity
  • Long sold out switches found at the back of the shop
  • Prototypes or early versions/revisions
  • Shop batches used for testing
  • Some are listed as Lubed or lubed and filmed 

Item Description:

  • Soldering Iron + 5 tips
  • JWICK Ultimate Black (66x Lubed + Spring swapped to 63.5g long springs and Desoldered, 24x Lubed + Springs swapped to 63.5g long springs)
  • BBN Linear (Lubed with Krytox 205g0)
  • Queen Linear Switch by Moyu Studio (90x Lubed + Filmed)
  • JWICK Ultimate Black Stems (similar to Alpaca, 170+ in Quantity)
  • Bunches of Tescee Prototype Switches (4-5x in quantity for each type of switches, will include a bag of 58.5g spring)


Lubed and Filmed switches are listed as (L&F), if a switch is listed as lubed 205g0 was used. Some of these switches are long sold out, others recently. Some may have been used for a typing test in store and put aside, others are unused, some are display sets that were in display boards at the shop. Priced accordingly.


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