Krytox 205g0 - Linear Lubricant

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This is the secret sauce behind all super smooth linear switches.

Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0 is a military-grade lubricant used for keyboard switch and spring lubing. This particular product is mixed with 200-level grease and 100-level oil to achieve a perfect grade lubricant, and is done so by the manufacturer for quality assurance.

  • Krytox™ GPL 205 has a base oil viscosity of 160 cSt at 40°C
  • The estimated useful temperature range is -36°C to 204°C

Fantastic for use on linear switches, also great to use on stabilisers for a smoother operation. High tactility switches can be used with success for a smoother travel and a creamier bump, though care should be taken to avoid the tactile legs of the stem when lubing.

5ml is enough to cover ~300 switches
15ml is enough to cover ~900 switches