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Kem Factory Artisan Keycap

Kem Factory Artisan Keycap

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Cute x10

Direct from Vietnam, Kem Factory’s SUUUPER cute artisans are available for a limited time. These chunky puppers with an ice cream slopped on their heads are presented in two colourways - Vanilla (green) and Strawberry (pink) in probably the best packaging ever! They ship in mini ice-cream tubs (that are scented!) Your new artisan will come with an Instruction booklet, coin for redemption, colourful ice-cream tub packaging, metal steamed, hand painted and sculpted artisan. Mega cute and best in show. Ruff!

Switch type: MX ONLY
Material: Painted Resin
Colouways: Vanilla & Strawberry

Super limited drop only, FCFS

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