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Deadline Studio

Deadline x Hammer Works - HMC PBT

Deadline x Hammer Works - HMC PBT

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Deadline Stuio x HAMMER Works

Deadline Studio is becoming a staple amongst keyboard enthusiasts, and for good reason. HAMMER WORKS need no introduction. Presenting the HMC PBT keycap set collaboration.

Two heavyweights of the game collide in a wonderfully coloured, neutral keycap set that's affordable and aesthetic. Choose your child kits, alphas and artisans to build the beige-y cream-y keycap set of your dreams. 


Manufacturer: Hammer
Profile: Cherry Profile
Material: PBT Plastic
Thickness: 1.4mm
Production Method: Dye-subbed

Group-buy: Jun 18th 2023 - July 8th 2023
Delivery: Q4 2023

US: Keebsforall
EU: Keygem
UK: Prototypist
INDO: Curated By Kwok
TH: Febust.Channel
SG: iLumbkb
CA: Ashkeebs
INT: Deadline Studio
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