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Signature Plastics

DCS White On Black

DCS White On Black

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DCS White on Black, or WoB for short is available now at ALLCAPS. There are many others, but NOTHING beats WoB for effortless style, effortless black, effortless white, effortless timelessness. Get on board, in a profile that works on absolutely everything.

It’s white-on-black, there’s no inspiration. Gorton modified legends are on deck with extensive kitting to extend the life of your kit out beyond the base. 40s, extension (including Relegendables) as well as RGB kits and 10u long boi spacebar to round out the kit for you maniacs out there.


ABS Double-shot
DCS Profile
Produced by Signature Plastics
Designed by Anit

Please note
There is a current known issue with two backspace keys and the apostrophe. Anyone who purchases extras (along with all GB customers) will be eligible for free shipping once the replacement keys have shipped from SP.
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