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Cherry Screw-In Stabs Kit

Cherry Screw-In Stabs Kit

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Classic Cherry screw-in stabs, like your Gran used to used

It's really hard to beat a classic. The price to performance ratio of the good old Cherry stabs is undeniable. Used to stabilise the larger keys in a keyboard and prone to all kinds to clicks, clacks and rattle - stabs are the bane of any builder's existence and a necessary evil. 

All sets are available the classic Cherry all black colourway, in the traditional TKL variant with ten stab housings and 6 wires. 7u wires have been included to assist with compatibility for HHKB and WKL layouts. Screws have been included in the bag, but washers have not.

Included wires:

  • 4x 2u
  • 1x 6.25u
  • 1x 7u 

FYI: Stainless wires have been included, not OG cherry wires. 

As usual, we HIGHLY recommend lubing with dielectric grease, Krytox 205g0 or for the truly adventurous BDZ for best, less rattley results.

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