ALLCAPS Switch Sampler

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All the colours of the switch rainbow!

Sample a nice selection of switches, most of which are  currently in stock here at ALLCAPS. Absolutely the best way to try out a bunch of switches with minimal cost and effort. See what you like, see what a mate likes, see what your mum likes!

Included switches:

  • Gateron Milky Top Yellow
  • Aliaz Silent Tactile
  • Cherry MX Black (Hyperglide)
  • Cherry MX Clear
  • Durock POM Linear
  • Durock POM Sunflower
  • Everglide Aqua King
  • Everglide Moyu
  • Joininkeys Matcha
  • Joininkeys The Prince

We know what it’s like to be all amped up about a switch only to receive it and it’s not what we expected. Try before you buy, give a switch a chance before you sink the cash into your next big switch purchase. Or, try em all out to see what’s next!

One of every stock switch, ready to mod or drop in your hotswap beater! 


Sold in packs of 10, updated occasionally.