ALLCAPS Mid-July 2023 Updates! Molly60, PBTFANS VIOR, Shop Closing and more!

ALLCAPS Mid-July 2023 Updates! Molly60, PBTFANS VIOR, Shop Closing and more!

I dunno, the inevitable churn of the world is sometimes a bit of a drag. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a bitter sweet month for us. Lots of stuff happening and keeping us all hella busy. Enough from me, this is a very very long update. Scroll down to see the updates you're keen on.

Also, keyboards. There are just so many keyboards at ALLCAPS it's like we're a real life keyboard store or something. Love to see it.

Also, PBTFans Vior drops on July 14th, if you're into that kinda thing.


Hampshire Road Closing

(copypasta from discord) It’s with a heavy heart that I have to post this. Unfortunately, our landlord has let us know that they wish to increase our rental costs, we either could have accepted them or vacate. We love the shop and meeting all of you in person, but unfortunately we just don’t think that an increase in rental costs is worth it for our current location. The ALLCAPS shop will close next Saturday on July 15th. Yes, they can do it, we’re month to month. No, orders and deliveries will be unimpacted. ALLCAPS is not closed, nor is it slowing down. We are still dedicated to having an in person space where members of the community can come and hang out, try new things and chat keebs. For now, that will be here in Discord or in AUMK.

What next?
ALLCAPS will be going back to online only from July 15th.

Pickups are available from our Hampshire Road location until July 15th. After that, we will contact you to arrange shipping. If you have selected pickup for a GB or pre-order that has not delivered yet we will contact you with delivery details when it arrives to us.

New location when?
We are currently previewing new spaces but, we are being very slow and deliberate with our next space to ensure it’s 100% right for us. For now, ALLCAPS will return to online only until a new space is leased.

Moving Sale!
Honestly, to help with moving between the shop we're closing and our temp location we're having a sale! In stock items only friends, pre-order and GB items are excluded: 

  • 30% OFF Deskmats
  • 30% OFF ALLCAPS accessories (lube, tubs and TinyMats)
  • 20% OFF switches
  • 20% OFF keycaps

All applied at cart automatically for the next 2 weeks! Sale ends July 31st or until stock runs out.


This is NOT A DRILL. It's a keycap set. Live July 14th and will most likely (based on Pyga's performance) sell out, so set your watches people. 7pm, Friday 14th July. 

PBTFans Pyga Raffle!
Congrats to the winners! We completed the draw and posted on Discord earlier this week:

  • 1st Prize: Order #5457
  • 2nd Prize: Order #5432
  • 3rd Prize: Order #5493
  • 4th Prize: Order #5406

1st Prize:
 PBTFans Pyga + Greek kit + 40s
2nd Prize: Coiled or Straight Cable of your colour choice
3rd Prize: Lube tub of your choice (5ml), we’ll even toss in a vial of PFTE Oil
4th Prize: Box of bio beans and a couple of ALLCAPS stickers

Please get in contact with us via Discord if you have not already!

Knight 313 Group Buy
Due to issues outside of our control the Knight 313 buy has been cancelled. We are awaiting the refund from the runner and will begin processing refunds for all who joined as soon as we receive it. ETA late July. Please log a ticket via Discord if you have any questions or concerns.


Group buys are roughly in order of run date, please scroll to find your GB of choice. 

MW Alpenglow / Keycaps
STATUS: Shopping soon!
ETA: Q3, 2023
KBM Love Detective / Keycaps
ETA: Q4, 2022
DCS WoB / Keycaps
STATUS: Manu completing in July
ETA: Q3, 2023
KBM Fairy / Keycaps
STATUS: Queued for production
ETA: Q1, 2023
MW Pavilion / Keycaps
STATUS: Queued for production, sampling nearly complete
ETA: Q3, 2023
DMK HX-20 / Keycaps
STATUS: Shipping to ALLCAPS!
ETA: Q2, 2023
GMK Blot / Keycaps
STATUS: Queued
ETA: Q1, 2024
Deadline Studio Retro66 / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: In stock orders shipped, GB orders underway
ETA: Q4, 2023 for GB orders
Display 15 Artisan Tray / Accessories
STATUS: Invoicing
ETA: Q2, 2023
Deadline Studio TPS-40 / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: Invoicing
ETA: Q4, 2023
HSA Hyperfuse / Keycaps
STATUS: Manufacturing
ETA: Q3, 2023
Honeydew Switches / Switches
STATUS: GB concluded
ETA: Q3, 2023
V81 Plus / Keyboard Kit
ETA: August
Hammer x BUGUR - Parellel Worlds / Keycaps
STATUS: GB concluded
ETA: Q4, 2023
DMK Red Velvet / Keycaps
STATUS: GB concluded
ETA: Q4, 2023
DMK Jade / Keycaps
STATUS: GB Concluded
ETA: Q4, 2023
Violetta / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: GB Concluded
ETA: Q3, 2023
X-Linear / Switches
ETA: August
KAM Blanks / Keycaps
ETA: August



I’m leaving the Mochi Update here for those that may have missed it. We are still working with FedEx AU and Aidan to resolve the situation, progress is unfortunately slow. Still working through issues with FedEx - it's the worst.



Here is the next container’s contents. These are the boxes of things that are currently sitting inside a large metal box that is sitting on a ship somewhere between China and Melbourne.

STATUS: On a barge somewhere between China and AUS
ETA: Week of 15th August


  • V81 Plus
  • X-Linear Switch
  • PBTFans Shubarashi
  • Gateron Re-stock
  • KAM Blanks
  • Others…


Things that you could possibly buy later that will ship even later. Limited run, one time only releases.

SO MANY KEYBOARDS! Layouts, sizes and flavours. Love it. There's keycaps too, beige is so hot right now.

Molly60 live through July 26th

Seriously, $165 for a 60% keyboard kit is INSANITY. So many colour options and weight combos are available for order. HHKB or WK variants along with different weight types. NLandKeys have nailed it and we can't wait to get this one out there!

Raw Nook 75 live through August 8th

Introducing Raw's first board. A 75% loaded with goodies! Very nice price and a lovely, fixed layout. Starting at $279 whats not to love. Another board with mega colour options so you can dial in your perfect board.

Aaru65 live through July 24th

Mega premium. Mega themed. And a silder too. The Aaru65 is an extension of the AaruTKL and Ankh Numpad, continuing the theme and elevating it with some cute features.  

PBTFans Shubarashi

You like purple? We all like purple. You like cute things? We do too. Shubarashi is on the way! Pre-order to avoid disappointment.

PKaps RGBEnglish live through August 7th

Don't even. You know this is the endgame of beige sets.
Featuring RGB like you've never seen it before, RGBEnglish is a fantastic all-in-one kit that has coverage from 40s to 1800s. Seriously. It's only a cool hundo if you cop this week ($5 discount applied at cart).

Keybobo Red Cyrillic live through August 1st

This doubleshot ABS keycap set manufactured by Keykobo features red pad printed Cyrillic sublegends. Inspired by vintage Cherry keyboards, this beige set works well on tons of keyboards and is a staple in many keycap collections.

KAM Outline live through August 13th

Inspired by a traditional 1935 No.10 Remington typewriter, this is where old meets new. Beesley has straight crush this one and we are honoured to offer this set for GB.


Not much has restocked this month as we are preparing for a massive influx of pre-order and group buy stuffs to arrive from our forwarders. 


Gat Yellows
Out of stock right now, back in a week.

Buncha short pole UHMWPE stems, mega cheap if you're after a steal on smooth stems.

Keyboard Parts
O-rings (60/65), Daughterboards and plates.


Everything coming in is from a pre-order or Group Buy, which is incredible. Can’t wait to get these things into your hands. But, all these things coming in has been mega distracting on stocking up on in-stock bangers. 

205g0 - 2ml
Had a few requests on Discord for a smaller amount of 205, so here you go! Priced nice at sub $10 you can lube up a couple of batches of switches and a set of stabs no problem.

Panda Mats

D-d-d-d-dropping this week. Keep your eyes peeled my friends. Pandas are mad, probably the best/coolest. Mats come in two colourways and are filled with excellent facts about pandas. Also, pandas.

Laundromat Mats

Introducing KNC Keys' second deskmat! Designed by the amazing YourFriend#3573, this mat will add a vibrant flair and a whole lot of 'wow!' to any workspace. YourFriend exceeded all expectations with this design and it's sure to infuse your workday with creativity and pizzazz. Look out for more of this unique art style comin' soon!

 Klash Of The Kaiju Mats

No intro is required for this mat. One of our best selling mats of this year has arrived and extras are instock and read to ship!

Gateron Screw-In Stabs v2

We finally have some quality stabs in stock for you guys! Moving away from Durock, not because of performance or pricing, just that we have been working to consolidate our suppliers to make things a bit more manageable. Luckily, Gateron's latest Screw-In Stab game has really stepped up with the v2s!

Available in two variants: clear for short poles and black/blue for long poles, they're priced nice and will be in stock this month!


Posting this again cause damn, it's ripper set.

Shark67, soonTM

Budget 65%s don't get much cheaper than this and wow wee does it get cheap. We are still working on pricing but consider this board to be in the sub $200 range and packed full of features. Absolute banger, do not sleep on this limited GB which will be launching soon.


I'm sadder than normal was we're closing the shop for now, when you see me at the meetup gimme a hug or something.

Yours forever, 

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