ALLCAPS Late-Oct 2022 Updates! FLASH Switch Sale, Broken-In MX Blacks & DMK Rubber!

ALLCAPS Late-Oct 2022 Updates! FLASH Switch Sale, Broken-In MX Blacks & DMK Rubber!

I Know, I’m very bad at this. Apologies for the lack of updates here keyboard pals, I have been getting progressively terrible at most things (except hating mysel of course). But, we thought it worthwhile that we get a much needed update to you all. Many, many updates are contained within.

Without fail, I am continually surprised by you all. The kindness and just how downright lovely you all is pretty much the fuel that keeps us going. So to all you guys who come in to the store, bust our balls on discord and pester me on DMs honestly, from the deepest part of my black heart: THANK YOU. I genuinely think that I’m more in love with hanging out with you guys and meeting you guys at the shop on Saturdays than keyboards! That’s weird. I’m weird. Judge me, I deserve it.


FLASH SALE! 18% off all in-stock switches
Thought y’all could use with a sale, I know it’s been a while. We live until Thursday. Yes, in store too on Thursday only.

DMK Midnight
Extras for the light kits are available now, in stock, ready to ship! They also come in a neat little box!

If you ordered a Dark Kit it is delayed due to some keycaps missing from DMK on delivery to us. They have been notified and have shipped the missing kits to us, ETA is end of Nov. 

Deadline Studio AIR Caps

Shipping to us now! They’re in our next container load which is already on the way to us! Pre-order is open now, in case you missed out. We are so excited to have these at ALLCAPS, you can even come and try out the prototype keycaps at the store right this second (if we’re open ofc).

We recently made a BUNCH of changes to the shop, making stock waaaay more accessible and available to you guys as you make your way around the store. 

Did you know we had a shop? Did you know it’s in Melbourne’s Western suburbs? We’re open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Updates are available on Discord in case there’s staff illness or you’re after anything specific! 


TinyMats unfortunately missed our last container shipment and have moved to the November shipment. Our deepest and sincerest apologies. We have, however, submitted all paperwork and details required for a quick release already so we shouldn’t see any delays here (once they arrive, again super sorry this shipment was missed).

We have nearly finalised the packaging, an older prototype is below!

Pre-order is still live, so you can still scoop up your TinyMat at a sweet discount using code TINYMATS25 at checkout. Only available online but you can come check them out in store at our Sunshine location.



Group buys are in order of run date, please scroll to find your GB of choice. Shipped GBs have dropped off the list, extras are available in their respective product pages if there are any left. UPDATED SIGNIFICANTLY

SA PolyClear / Keycaps
STATUS: Manu underway
ETA: Q4, 2022
Trans Awareness Mats / Deskmats
STATUS: Shipping to ALLCAPS now!
ETA: Late Q3, 2022 *extremely delayed*
MW Alpenglow / Keycaps
STATUS: Manu underway
ETA: Q4, 2022
DMK x Zero G Studio Midnight / Keycaps
STATUS: ARRIVED, shipping now
ETA: Q4, 2022
allcaps Starter PBT Sets & Mats
STATUS: Invoicing
ETA: Q3, 2022
Block 67 R2 / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: Manu underway
ETA: Q1, 2023
Mochi40 / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: Manu underway
ETA: Q1, 2023
KBM Love Detective / Keycaps
STATUS: Manu underway
ETA: Q4, 2022
Liquid Dreams / Deskmats
STATUS: Shipping to ALLCAPS now!
ETA: Q4, 2022
DMK x Zero G - Third Space
STATUS: Invoicing complete
ETA: Q1, 2023
DCS WoB / Keycaps
STATUS: Invoicing
ETA: Q1, 2023
Deadline Studio AIR Series / Keycaps
STATUS: Shipping to ALLCAPS now!
ETA: Q4, 2022
Tetrix60 / Keyboards
STATUS: Invoicing
ETA: Q1, 2023
Ciel65 / Keyboards
STATUS: Manu under way
ETA: Q1, 2023
Keebstation by ArtKey / Deskmats
STATUS: Shipping to ALLCAPS now!
ETA: Q4, 2022


Detailed updates

We have recently updated our pre-order availability with recently closed GBs for those that missed out. Those that have been recently updated are listed below:

More will be added each month, we will only open Pre-Order sets when we have a level of confidence that the set will be delivered within a month or two.


Here is the next container’s contents. Expect more shipments to land on this list moving forward. This is a more manageable and reliable method to shipping for us!

STATUS: At sea
ETA: Mid-November


  • TinyMats
  • AIR Series Keycaps
  • Keebstation Mats
  • Liquid Dreams Mats


Things that you could possibly buy later that will ship even later. Limited run, one

DMK ЯUBBER - Ends Nov 3rd

DMK RUBBER is a set that seeks to show what would have happened if Rubber Hose drawing style had been invented in the former Soviet Union. Featuring a variety of light or dark, Doubleshot or Tripelshot alphas and gnarly novelties makes this a set that is not to be missed.

Rose65 - Ends Nov 20th

Project_27's Roze65 is a feature packed, yet minimalist 65% for everyone. 

A minimalistic and good looking keyboard for the average consumer was their intention. The layout is compact, yet functional, refined but bad to the bone. 


Switch Samplers
RESTOCKED! A LOT of new switches have been added to the now (not) infamous (in any way) ALLCAPS Switch Sampler.

Broken-in MX Blacks
We asked the discord what they preferred: Either we drop what we have as we break them in OR we offer the full amount as a pre-order. Pre-order was selected by the masses (all of them) and by virtue of rigged democratic elections the motion for pre-order was passed unanimously.

Reg MX Black

Reg MX Browns



Broken In MX Browns
In the same vein as our friends the MX Blacks, we thought it best to offer some love to the “tactile” (or Factile) family. Pre-order as well, however there are significantly less of these available, so cop if you’re keen.

BBN Tactiles

YES ya boi John as delivered the goods! That means mooooar cables for everyone. Ready to matchy matchy your setup in BOTH coiled and straight, for those that can't decide. Online now!

Fataly x ALLCAPS Lube Station

Finally Mr. Fataly has delivered a wonderful acrylic lube station for those of you that love to modify your switches in an orderly fashion. I prefer chaos, but I can really see the benefit of doing things this way! Avail in 70 or 90 variants. Online 



Unga Bunga Stems
13.9mm linear stems? You like em long? Of course you do! On the way back! ETA 2 weeks.

Green Jacket Linears
These sold out this week, in case you missed out we have scooped up a few more. 2 weeks kids, 2 weeks.

ALLCAPS Hoodies & Tees
Heavyweight materials, drop shoulders and minimal branding. Working on it. Stay tuned.

Switches are on sale, cop if you’re in need.

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