ALLCAPS Late July Update! Restocks, Pre-Orders and & GB updates!

ALLCAPS Late July Update! Restocks, Pre-Orders and & GB updates!

Hi team,

ALLCAPS. Much info. Read now.


You know, a place to burn me for being a loser with limited to no consequences.

August Slow Down / Baby Time!
ALLCAPS baby number two is due August 6th, shit is about to get wild in the house (literally). Thus, we will take longer to process your orders between August 6-13. Thank your for your patience, support and kind words! 


Honestly never thought I would be in a position to offer GBs. I am so happy to bring interesting projects to you guys!

A Martian View













Phenomenal Deskmat created by Contrakeys channeling retro-tech space vibes. Available in four colourways! Requested by the community and made available at ALLCAPS!

Status: Manufacturing 
ETA: September 2021
GB link:
Update: Manu slot was prebooked, production is actually about 60% through. We are tracking for October as originally planned. The longest lead time here is shipping as it is Sea Freight, looking like 30-45 days landed. Extras will be made available once the GB orders are shipped.

Wildlife Series Switches







Rebult Keyboards latest switches are absolutely LIGHTS OUT. They are long pole, Zykos and Cherry Pie homages wrapped in a little local Malay flair. The Penyu (Turtle) Linear and Harimau (Tiger) Tactile sound insane stock, even better lubed and will be available in both variants through ALLCAPS for AU & NZ customers. The team have long been fascinated with frankenswitches and these switches will offer a similar long pole switch experience but with a rad twist. Super excited to be involved with this one!

Status: IC
ETA: Pending
GB Link:
Update: Second round protos expected as early as this week. GB ETA is looking like September at this stage, pending protos and manu timelines. I will have the product page up soon.



Krytox 205g0
ARRIVED! F I N A L L Y ! Took a month due to out of stock items at our supplier, we had to swap to multiples of smaller quantities to get this order through. Big Bois and 15mls are parted out, all pre-orders with these will ship this side of the weekend of 30/7.

5ml variants are still awaiting tubs to arrive, I have ordered in excess of 600 tubs from various suppliers in an attempt to mitigate everything arriving at once... but they're all ariving at once. Don't try to outsmart COVID shipping delays, you will lose. Unfortunately, it is looking like the 5ml variants will not ship out to you all until Monday/Tuesday 2nd/3rd August.

Metal switch openers
Still shipping, expected 30/7. Hoping to get these out to you guys before the weekend, but it’s in the hands of DHL right now.  


Switch Samplers 














I made the above image with each switch available in the Switch Sampler in MS Paint, damn I wish I used comic sans. Next time, Gadget,

The Switch Samplers are a nice ‘n easy way to try most of the switches offered by ALLCAPS. 10 switches, heaps of colours and a nice Linear/Tactile mix to see what gang you land in. I’m all #lineargang all day! I will be updating these as we go. I have another 30-40 more bags to make up but I have ran out of MX Blacks, once they're in more stock will be avail.

Cherry MX Blacks & MX Browns
Yep, these are Hyperglides baby! Restock already ordered! Shipped this week, currently in the hands of the fine people at DHL. ETA August 4th.

Joininkeys Matcha
Quite well received JWK linear recolour, but with a nice slow spring and mad Matcha colourway. Restock ordered and due August 4th.

Durock Smokey Stab Kits
Invoice received and paid. Shipping I would expect to occur next week. ETA August 10th. But likely earlier cause Durock ship F A S T.

Keycap Pullers
Shipped from supplier already, ETA August 4th. 


An order was placed for LITERALLY THOUSANDS of new brushes a couple of weeks back. These will be ALLCAPS branded and feature slightly updated design. More details to follow but the ETA for these is around August 10th or so due to manu delays.

105, 204 & BDZ
Krytox oils are currently out of stock at one of my suppliers. I HOPE to restock these sometime in August. I will cop 204 and BDZ in the same order, for your lubing needs. Additionally, we are seeking to supply alternatives to 105 at a reduced price - watch this space.

Dielectric Grease
Arrived and ready - just awaiting tubs to arrive. I will drop DG on the site next week once I have tubs to put it in to! ETA August 4th.

SPRiT Springs and Lube Stations
Bumpons and hardware received for the LSS, we are just testing them and completing the required product photography to get them live. I’ll need a week or so to get these live. Super limited numbers cause upon recounting SPRiT stiffed me on the numbers too… #snore

New Switches
While we here at ALLCAPS (read, me) want to have a nice stable of switches that you can cop in stock, whenever you want them. We do like to look on the fringe to see what’s coming. Over the last month we have approached and been approached (seriously, wtf is happening here) to test and review new switches hitting the market. We have had a lot success lately and we’re really excited to share with you all some of the new products that are coming up this year. Don’t worry, be happy. The future is bright.

That's it for now keyboard friends. I will be back next month with some more good news, depending on what you classify as “good”, or “news”. For daily and specific product go-lives please join the discord.



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