ALLCAPS Early-November 2021 Updates! IFK Cow Switches & TUBS!

ALLCAPS Early-November 2021 Updates! IFK Cow Switches & TUBS!

I heard you liked keyboards. Well, here’s an update on things you probably don’t care about. Scroll to the end for a surprise.

tl;dr - IFK Cow switches due within the next two weeks, TUBS are avail now, A Martian View mats shipped/extras avail, new GBs coming in a week or so, Gateron order is somewhere between Singapore and Melbourne. That’s it, enjoy your Eskimo Pie.

People ask me all the time why I write these and the answer is simple: I like punctuation. The content is superfluous, I’m just here for the commas bae. Anyways, thank you all who have joined us on Discord. It’s your support, banter, questions and general well wishes that keep us going. If you haven’t joined us yet, please consider it. We’re real friendly like.


Group buys are in order of run date, please scroll to find your GB of choice. New format, not sure if sucks. Feedback required.

Name Type  Date Run Status ETA Update
A Martian View Deskmat Jul, 2021 COMPLETE SHIPPED Extras available now
Wildlife Switches Switches Aug, 2021 MANU COMPLETED December, 2021 JWK shipped to Rebult, QC is underway
SA PolyClear Keycaps Oct, 2021 INVOICING Q1, 2022
Manu invoicing
Ciel60 Keyboard Oct, 2021 INVOICING Q2, 2022 Manu invoicing 
Charue Switches Switches Nov, 2021 PRE-ORDER OPEN Q1, 2022 Invoice received, manu underway



Things that you could possibly buy later that will ship even later. Limited run, one time thing - you know the deal.

BBN Linear Switch - November 15th

Y’all know Nim, he’s a local legend who’s absolutely crushed it with his first custom switch. ALLCAPS is incredibly lucky to be on board to make his switch an obtainable reality for us here in AUS/NZ land (yes, that’s New Zealand-land). Should you be interested they are entering GB from November 15th.


Switchlab Journey Deskmats - November 12th

Sweet, sweet deskmats by Switchlab inspired by Gameboys and the Pokemon series. This design aims to journey back to that nostalgia era of the good old days where simple pixel gaming and 8bit battle themes were a thing. Design elements have been drawn from gameboy and pokemon, morphing them into mechanical keyboard switches without overdoing them.



Things we restocked, or reupped again for your purchasing pleasure, or pain. Depends on what you like, really.
Krytox Lubricants
204 arrived this week, just needs to be parted out which will be done this weekend — ETA now (ish). 205 has been parted out already and is ready to love… and lube switches and/or stabs. Don’t be weird. 

Lubed & Filmed Switches
Matchas and Milky Gat Yellows dropped this past weekend, more MX Blacks are on the way for those of you that missed out. Durock POMs due next week!


New things to the store you can buy now, or perhaps later depending on when they arrive.


In stock, looking fine and ready to store your things. Also, if you order a tub and switches at the same time you’ll get a discount. We’ll even ship your switches in the tub to save on plastic. Now that’s a green initiative I can get behind, definitely beats waiting for the sun to charge my iPhone. Available now!

IFK Cow Switches

(Image shamelessly stolen from Ashkeebs, another stockist)

ALLCAPS is  S T O K E D  to announce that we will be providing you all with access to IFK’s insane long pole POM or UHMWPE linear switches in four colourways. Yep, 4. How’s that for choice? Pink, white, purple and orange are all on offer along with whichever material you would prefer. Our samples are LIGHTS OUT and we cannot wait to get these bad boys into your hands. I’ve said this before, but these are the finest switches I have used stock. STOCK. Totally unlubed and ready to bro down. ETA 20th Nov.

Charue Design Switches
Our mates at Charue have designed two exceptional switches that are available for pre-order now. They're fun, family friendly and oh so colourful - get yours today! Pre-order will remain open for the duration of the buy, we have ordered a substantial amount of these, enough to cover any pre-orders and drop them in stock when they’re done. Very keen, I freaking love Viet Iced Coffee man, even more than I like crying myself to sleep. ETA Q1 2022.


ThicThacThok x ALLCAPS Cables

Please do not underestimate how much we appreciate and love our man ThicThacThok. He tirelessly grinds out cables for us like his life depends on it or is working off debt after crashing his Mum’s beamer. Drop #2 is live, this time it’s a batch of 20 odd black cables. White are due next week, ETA 11th Nov.

Keyboard Starter Packs
We lowkey previewed these on ThicThacThok’s subathon as a prize and finally all the parts have arrived for us to make these bad boys up! They will consist of everything you need to ruin your life and start the keyboard hobby in style with one of everything you need. ETA 13th Nov.

Gateron Restock
In an effort to bring you guys something interesting and new, we have two new Gateron switches dropping in the coming weeks! Golden Cap Yellow v2s and Pro Milky Yellows will be on offer this round. We are considering Ink v3 Pinks and Blacks for the next restock we do with Gateron, but we’re not convinced. ETA Nov 12th.

Here's a sound test of the Golden Cap Yellow v2s that should have you feeling very stoked:


There isn’t one. That’s the joke.


Later gater,

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