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Rebult Keyboards 
Wildlife Switches

The Harimau (Tiger) and Penyu (Turtle) switches are inspired from frankenswitches such as Zykos and BCP/Creampacas. These tactile and linear switches respectively aim to provide a smooth and poppy experience with the switches bottoming out on the extended pole.

This project is also a tribute to Malaysian wildlife, with Malayan Tigers and Marine Turtles becoming increasingly endangered, we wanted to raise awareness and contribute through this project. Hence, we will be donating a minimum of $1,000 to WWF Malaysia's Malayan Tiger and Marine Turtle Funds. This amount is just provisional and the minimum, if the project does better than expected, the amount will scale accordingly.

The switches will come packed in biodegradable and compostable zip-lock bags made of bioplastics, aligned with the spirits of the project and at the same time reducing as much plastic usage as possible.

1 = 10 switches

Penyu (Turtle) Linear
Stem: White (POM Long Pole)
Top housing: Black (Nylon)
Bottom housing: Green (JWK blend)
Spring Weight: 62g
Factory Lube: No
Pins: 5
Switch Manu: JWK

Harimau (Tiger) Tactile
Stem: White (POM Long Pole)
Top housing: Black (Nylon)
Bottom housing: Yellow (JWK blend)
Spring Weight: 67g
Factory Lube: No
Pins: 5
Switch Manu: JWK

GB Period - 3 Weeks (August 8th-31st)
Estimate Shipping - Nov-Dec 2021

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