ALLCAPS Early-January 2022 Updates! 20% OFF Moving Sale!

ALLCAPS Early-January 2022 Updates! 20% OFF Moving Sale!

HOLY SHIT 2021 is over already? I spent far too many nights crying myself to sleep to even begin to process this massive life changing event.

Things are happening at ALLCAPS, read the below to find out more.



To celebrate the move to the ALLCAPS office/retail space we’re launching our first store wide sale! Help us move with less stuff! Everything is discounted, except for Group Buy and Pre-Order items! Sale begins NOW and will be kept live for 2 weeks (ish).

Thank you for your support and big thanks to everyone who has reached out to messaged me offering their support in both their time and well wishes. Can’t tell you how shocked and thankful I am! Updates on the store are below!



Group buys are in order of run date, please scroll to find your GB of choice. New format, not sure if sucks. Feedback required.

Name Type  Date Run Status ETA Update
A Martian View Deskmat Jul, 2021 COMPLETE SHIPPED Extras available
Wildlife Switches Switches Aug, 2021 COMPLETE SHIPPED Extras available
SA PolyClear Keycaps Oct, 2021 INVOICED Q4, 2022 Manu starting soon
Ciel60 Keyboard Oct, 2021 MANUFACTURING Q2, 2022 Manu underway
Charue Switches Switches Nov, 2021 PRE-ORDER OPEN Q1, 2022 Manu underway
BBN Linear Switches Dec, 2021 INVOICING Q2, 2022 Invoice Paid
Trans Awareness Mats Deskmat Jan, 2022 GB CLOSED Q2, 2022 Invoicing Now
Seiryu Mats Deskmat Jan, 2022 GB CLOSED Q2, 2022 Invoicing Now


Ciel 60% Update
This is mental, I have never seen this before but ALL manu is due to complete 15/1! I honestly cannot believe it, a keyboard GB delivered EARLY. With manu due to end mid-Jan we would expect to receive and begin QC some point around the first week of Feb. Be prepared legends, these are coming in HOT.

Charue Switches
We expect these in from Tescee Q1! Should be with us late Jan, early Feb as well. Pre-Order remains open for those that want to get in on these early. 



Things that you could possibly buy later that will ship even later. Limited run, one time thing - you know the deal.


MilkyWay Alpenglow - TBA

We were originally looking to jump into GB mid-Jan but the designers are doing another round of colour matching before opening up the GB. Will keep you posted!

KAT Chinchilin - Jan 31st - Feb 31st

Heading into GB Jan 31st is one of our all time fave sets KAT Chinchillin! Purpley, pinky and a warm white vibe with inspiration taken from everyone’s favourite fluffy friends: chinchillas! An absolute must cop!


Things we restocked, or reupped again for your purchasing pleasure, or pain. Depends on what you like, really. Not many this month cause we've been slammed on GBs/we over ordered everything.
Krytox Lubricants
ALL restocked. Available right this second.

Lubed & Filmed Switches
Tescee Diamonds and Gateron Cap v2 have restocked, MX Blacks due next week!

Switch Testers
When we have time, we will make them! Count on these being available once the office is open to visitors!


New things to the store you can buy now, or perhaps later depending on when they arrive.


(Image shamelessly stolen from Ashkeebs, another stockist)

ARRIVED and ready to ship! Long pole beauties from the IFK crew, these switches are absolutely incredible.


There’s not much here, it was a long, long month December. More stuff will start to show up here as the year kicks off!


Lube Stations
Built by a local maker, in-stock and ready to party. Available in two sizes. ETA mid-late Jan. Be ready!

Yes, FFS you guys have beaten it into me and I have listened (eventually). ALLCAPS will be offering PE foam PCB stickers later this month. I might even stock painters tape so you can cop all your mods in one location - kinda joking about this one… maybe.

Durock Restock
A massive Durock restock is due this month. Stabs and both kinds of Films will be in this order. POMs will not be restocked this time, sorry folks.

Aqua Kings
Due soon, will have more detail on this in the Late Jan update. 

Partnering with our mates at Gateron we have started the prototyping process for a fine ass linear switch. No long pole, no lube, no POM housing, no hype. Likely the most boring switch you'll ever hear about and we could not be more excited. Featuring an interesting blend of materials and custom built by the experienced hands of Gateron - who happen to be our favourite manufacturer. We can't say more as we need to post on GH and Reddit in the form of an IC before we move to something more concrete. Really happy with the theme and the design direction of these switches and cannot wait to share it with everyone. Protos due Mid-Late Feb. 

Site Re-Redesign
ALLCAPS halfway through repairing a botched boob job - otherwise known as the shit job I did at building the store. A few community heads are helping me with this much larger piece to make a better, more easily accessible and usable store for you all. I expect this to be done at the exact same time as the ALLCAPS Office opening (funny that).



We have started to move a few bits and bobs into our new space. We’re still waiting on the landlord to install our mini kitchen thing and fix the AC. While this is happening, we are pushing on with installing the furniture we have. Most of our furniture order has not arrived yet, so the opening of our space is currently uncertain and may land in Feb instead of Jan at this point. We have installed some things into the space but due to our order for storage and equipment being delayed it is not yet stock ready.

The ALLCAPS office, as we call it, will actually form more of a hybrid retail space. You will have the opportunity to buy our stock over the counter, test switches, chat keyboards and get advice from seasoned keyboard vets who work in the store. Our space is inclusive, open to all and most importantly judgement free. We operate a strong “no dickheads” policy, be kind, respectful to one another! This is a safe place, a trust tree (if you will) and I am more than happy to hug each and every one of you on entry if I have to!

Can’t wait to welcome you all here! There will be a more comprehensive Grand Opening Party announced soon! For now, keep up to date with the daily changes and rapid development of the space over on our socials. 


Later, gater

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