HOOLEY DOOLEY they should just rename December to Deskmat Month. CAUSE IT'S DESKMAT MONTH around here!! What a time to be alive. Scroll to the end for a surprise!

In this stack are 104 GB orders and 11 in-stock orders. Wow wee.

The fan fave Wildlife switches arrived this past week and we got all the orders out to you all. Couldn't have gone better, except old mate AusPost delaying everyone by a casual two days, reaffirming their top spot on the ALLCAPS shitlist. Extras will be live now, until sold out.

Other stuff has happened, please read below or close in a fit of rage. Your choice. I'd go the rage if nothing else it's the digital form of a storm off and who can deny a good storm off? Nobody.

Sorry this looks like hot garbage on mobile, I will endeavor to find a happy medium between functionality and readability next year. I kinda promise.



Group buys are in order of run date, please scroll to find your GB of choice. New format, not sure if sucks. Feedback required.

Name Type  Date Run Status ETA Update
A Martian View Deskmat Jul, 2021 COMPLETE SHIPPED Extras available
Wildlife Switches Switches Aug, 2021 COMPLETE SHIPPED Extras available
SA PolyClear Keycaps Oct, 2021 INVOICING Q4, 2022 Update below
Ciel60 Keyboard Oct, 2021 MANUFACTURING Q2, 2022 Manu underway
Charue Switches Switches Nov, 2021 PRE-ORDER OPEN Q1, 2022 Manu underway


SA PolyClear Update
Members of the SA PolyClear GB - please ensure that you read the update we made in Discord earlier this week. Basically, due to the incredible success of the GB, we are no longer able to deliver the set within 4 months as advertised. Instead, because we the set was super popular they have had to push the production time as our original quote was made at a lower intended MOQ. We broke several MOQ limits (this is pretty good) but unfortunately SP cannot make the total amount with the original lead time (this is somewhat bad). 

What this means is that if you would like a refund at this point in the buy due to the increased lead time then you are able to do that for the whole month of Dec while we re-finalise numbers. Sorry, all the vendors were clinging to that sweet sweet lead time but SP couldn't commit based on our numbers. Again, we tried to make this work but it was not something that we could successfully negotiate. 

Wildlife Switches
GB orders have shipped! Show us your builds you beautiful bunch of legends! Extras available now.


Things that you could possibly buy later that will ship even later. Limited run, one time thing - you know the deal.

BBN Linear Switch - November 15th - December 15th

Y’all know Nim, he’s a local legend who’s absolutely crushed it with his first custom switch. ALLCAPS is incredibly lucky to be on board to make his switch an obtainable reality for us here in AUS/NZ land (yes, that’s New Zealand-land). Should you be interested they available at ALLCAPS through December 15th.

Switchlab Journey Deskmats - November 12th - December 12th

Sweet, sweet deskmats by Switchlab inspired by Gameboys and the Pokemon series. This design aims to journey back to that nostalgia era of the good old days where simple pixel gaming and 8bit battle themes were a thing. Design elements have been drawn from gameboy and pokemon, morphing them into mechanical keyboard switches without overdoing them.


Transgender Awareness Week Deskmats - November 29th - December 29th

These lovely deskmats have been created for Transgender Awareness Week 2021. Available with or without text in a cute pastel rainbow design. MoMoBoy is a new supplier and will be looking to run more and more deskmats with us over the next year or so. Keep your eyes peeled! Also, 100% of profits made from this mat will be donated to Minus18, a local Trans Youth Charity. Please show them your support.


Seiryu Deskmats - November 30th - December 30th

Shimo Supply’s latest design is Seiryu, the Azure Dragon. Seiryu is the guardian beast of the eastern land and his overwhelming presence will elevate you and your setup to the next level! These are Shimo's first deskmats and we're very impressed! On the site are shots of the protos AND renders, giving you assurance that what you see is what you will get - hate it when deskmats show up and they're like blue and your ordered green... or something.


Things we restocked, or reupped again for your purchasing pleasure, or pain. Depends on what you like, really. Not many this month cause we've been slammed on GBs/we over ordered everything.
Krytox Lubricants
Ordered more BDZ and 205 cause y'all are animals. ETA late next week, maybe early the week after.

Lubed & Filmed Switches
Tescee Diamonds and MX Blacks are due in this weekend and probably next weekend respectively. Will be offering Milky Pros in a month or so, I guess.

ThicThacThok x ALLCAPS Cables

Black and white cables are available now! Coiled White Cables available tomorrow!

Switch Testers
Back on the radar now we have done sufficient restocks. Just awaiting the IFK Cows before we release these. ETA is whenever the Cows arrive.


New things to the store you can buy now, or perhaps later depending on when they arrive.

IFK Cow Switches - Delayed

(Image shamelessly stolen from Ashkeebs, another stockist)

Sorry about this, there's been an issue with communication with the factory's freight forwarder. Looking like these MIGHT possibly arrive this side of Christmas. Hard to know at this point, IFK are working on it.

Charue Design Switches
Our mates at Charue have designed two exceptional switches that are available for pre-order now. They're fun, family friendly and oh so colourful - get yours today! Pre-order will remain open for the duration of the buy, we have ordered a substantial amount of these, enough to cover any pre-orders and drop them in stock when they’re done. Very keen, I freaking love Viet Iced Coffee man, even more than I like crying myself to sleep. ETA Q1 2022.


Lube Stations
Built by a local maker, in-stock and ready to party. Available in two sizes. ETA mid-late Jan. Be ready!

Partnering with our mates at Gateron we have started the prototyping process for a fine ass linear switch. No long pole, no lube, no POM, no hype. Likely the most boring switch you'll ever hear about and we could not be more excited. Featuring an interesting blend of materials and custom built by the experienced hands of Gateron - who happen to be our favourite manufacturer. We can't say more as we need to post on GH and Reddit in the form of an IC before we move to something more concrete. Really happy with the theme and the design direction of these switches and cannot wait to share it with everyone. Protos due Mid-Late Jan. 

Site Re-Redesign
ALLCAPS is undergoing a boob job and tummy tuck over the summer. Please continue to indulge our shitty web design skills as we upscale this to something a little more reputable. Work is being done to revamp our product pages along with our landing and GB pages so they can be used as a resource once the buy is over. Rating systems for feel, sound and modification requirements are where were are putting in effort. It's gonna look so good once it's done.


We are MOVING. Into a real space. Not a lie, actual facts.

Paperwork for an ALLCAPS Office/Storefront/Pizza Place has been signed TODAY. More on this in the next update, or the one after. And you thought I was gonna recycle the same joke! Not this time kid, this time it's some actual real life news.

This will mean that you will be able to stop by and make fun of us in person. You can collect your order OR buy in stock, on the spot, off the shelf. Like MSY but with less aggression and pointing at the parts list. We hope to make the ALLCAPS Office an inclusive and fun place for all keyboard enthusiasts / nerds.

We look forward to meeting all you (Melbourne based and socially distanced) legends in person next year.


Thank you for your patience,

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