ALLCAPS Early-August 2023 Updates! MR-98 98% keyboard kit, KKB Alhambra, Zuno Artisans

ALLCAPS Early-August 2023 Updates! MR-98 98% keyboard kit, KKB Alhambra, Zuno Artisans

I recently figured out that it takes about three whole days and nights to type these damn updates. So, without wasting any more of your time... KEYBOARD THINGS (IN ALLCAPS).

Big, big month for us as usual. Big drops, massive container and an even bigger meetup. Wow wee indeed. Alhambra from Keepo, I mean it's ALL happening. I can barely contain myself.

MR-98 - 98% Keyboard kit!

98% keyboards don't come around often. They seriously don't come around at $300. 3 rounds of prototyping has been done to ensure a toight fit and finish, meaning you're looking at one hell of a board. Available for a short time only and in many, many customisable options this is the full size board you have been waiting for.

KKB Alhambra

An absolute BELTER of a set from our boy Keepo, you might know him from the ALLCAPS Discord server, he's one of the legends who works on staff. Alhambra is the first in Keepo's historical throwback sets and features a cooler colourway with wicked novelties and Arabic sub-legends. There's a latin kit for those of us who don't vibe with sub-legends and will be live August 12th! Set your calendars mates.

Melbourne Meetup 2023 - Actuated

We'll be there! All damn day, so if you're keen please pop by and say g'day (or get lost loser). Hit this link for more details. We will have stock for you to purchase and we’ll have HEAPS of prototypes of boards in, soon to be, or have recently completed GBs. Try em on site for yourself at Actuated!

Zuno Artisans - In Stock!

We've recently partnered with juggernaut of the artisan game: Zuno! Bringing you mega instock artisans, you are able to cop these fancy bois whenever you so wish. There will be the occasional GB for those that are more limited or re-runs as we wont have them on hand. We even made a whole new section on the website for your viewing pleasure. Now, gimme my Pastel Purple Bear Buu (or else).


Group buys are roughly in order of run date, please scroll to find your GB of choice. 

MW Alpenglow / Keycaps
STATUS: Arrived at forwarder, in Sept container
ETA: Q3, 2023
KBM Fairy / Keycaps
STATUS: Queued for production
ETA: Q4, 2023
KBM Golden Locket / Keycaps
STATUS: Queued for production
ETA: Q1, 2024
MW Pavilion / Keycaps
ETA: Q3, 2023
DMK HX-20 / Keycaps
STATUS: Shipping to ALLCAPS!
ETA: Q2, 2023
GMK Blot / Keycaps
STATUS: Queued
ETA: Q1, 2024
Deadline Studio Retro66 / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: In stock orders shipped, GB orders underway
ETA: Q4, 2023 for GB orders
Display 15 Artisan Tray / Accessories
STATUS: Manufacturing
ETA: Q2, 2023
Deadline Studio TPS-40 / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: Manufacturing
ETA: Q4, 2023
Honeydew Switches / Switches
STATUS: Manufacturing
ETA: Q3, 2023
V81 Plus / Keyboard Kit
ETA: August
Hammer x BUGUR - Parellel Worlds / Keycaps
STATUS: GB concluded
ETA: Q4, 2023
DMK Red Velvet / Keycaps
STATUS: GB concluded
ETA: Q4, 2023
DMK Jade / Keycaps
STATUS: GB Concluded
ETA: Q4, 2023
Violetta / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: Manufacturing
ETA: Q3, 2023
X-Linear / Switches
ETA: August
DMK Jade / Keycaps
ETA: Q1, 2024
STATUS: Invoicing
RE6.5 / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: Invoicing
ETA: Q1, 2024
S-Craft Artisans / Artisans 
ETA: August
Aaru65 / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: Invoicing
ETA: Q1, 2024



I’m leaving the Mochi Update here for those that may have missed it. We are still working with FedEx AU and Aidan to resolve the situation, progress is unfortunately slow. Still working through issues with FedEx - it's the worst.



Here is the next container’s contents. These are the boxes of things that are currently sitting inside a large metal box that is sitting on a ship somewhere between China and Melbourne.

STATUS: On a barge somewhere between China and AUS
ETA: Week of 15th August


  • V81 Plus
  • X-Linear Switch
  • PBTFans Shubarashi
  • Others to surprise and delight...

Next Container: Due week of 20th Sept


Things that you could possibly buy later that will ship even later. Limited run, one time only releases.

First Love Switch live through August 29th

Seriously, BSN straight crushing it at the moment. Iconlabs are bringing us a modified PC top, POM bottom,  20mm 45g long spring. Not to be missed, here for a good time AND a short time. GB closes 29th August. Typing test below.

PBTFans Shubarashi - open for preorder now!

You like purple? We all like purple. You like cute things? We do too. Shubarashi is on the way! Pre-order to avoid disappointment.

KAM Outline live through August 13th

Inspired by a traditional 1935 No.10 Remington typewriter, this is where old meets new. Beesley has straight crush this one and we are honoured to offer this set for GB.

MW Alpenglow - open for pre-order now!

An absolute monster of a set has just shipped to us! Crystal's MW Alpenglow is one of the sets of the year and is NOT to be missed, due to us in mid-Sept we are glad to be able to open up pre-order now.


Not much has restocked this month as we are preparing for a massive influx of pre-order and group buy stuffs to arrive from our forwarders. 

Gat Yellows

Zuno Artisans
5, that’s right 5 new Zuno artisans are up for y’all. Various quantities, various colourway. Boom.

Broken-In Switches
Literally down to our last few baggies. Cop if you want all the actuations. MX Blacks and Nixies only friends, best of the best for smooth af Cherry switches. Then use them however you'd like / paint the sht of them as if they were a French girl IYKYK.


Everything coming in is from a pre-order or Group Buy, which is incredible. Can’t wait to get these things into your hands. But, all these things coming in has been mega distracting on stocking up on in-stock bangers. 

Gateron Screw-In Stabs v2

We finally have some quality stabs in stock for you guys! Moving away from Durock, not because of performance or pricing, just that we have been working to consolidate our suppliers to make things a bit more manageable. Luckily, Gateron's latest Screw-In Stab game has really stepped up with the v2s!

Available in two variants: clear for short poles and black/blue for long poles, live NOW!

Odds & Ends
A new thing we've been dropping for our Discord fam, the odds and ends are mainly display things we have had around the shop. Switches first, then deskmats and keycaps. Closeout, final sale, no refunds kinda thing. We've just been dropping this stuff as we unpack. Keep checking on pings and updates on IG for when we drop/update Odds and Ends. Irregular drops, whenever we find time.


Leaks 'n stuff. Possible new things. Keep your ears to the ground, fam.

SL PBT Habitat

SwitchLab is back with a new keycap set. This time, he’s opted for a botanical theme. The design blends botanical elements with soft shades of green, beige and earthy tones, evoking a sense of calm and serenity. 

Shark67, soonTM

Budget 65%s don't get much cheaper than this and wow wee does it get cheap. We are still working on pricing but consider this board to be in the sub $200 range and packed full of features. Absolute banger, do not sleep on this limited GB which will be launching soon.


Maybe you're not sad enough? Cause I’m not

Yours forever, 

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