ALL CAPS Early April Updates! Durock POMs Drop & MORE switches!!

ALL CAPS Early April Updates! Durock POMs Drop & MORE switches!!

Fellow Enthusiasts,

Against all odds the store has remained open, mostly because I keep paying Shopify. Lucky them. If March was huge then April is like... twice that size somehow. Lots of new products to announce for your building and modding pleasure.

Durock POM Linears - 9pm April 1st
This is not a joke. No really. These will drop 9pm 1st April on the store. FCFS, never fear more are on the way!

We have secured a nice shipment of these bad boys, in the 63.5g variant. They’re kinda like Kailh Tfue Creams but without the wild fish smell, or need to break in cause they’re very smooth stock. These guys are ready to go, but with a nice helping of 205 and some films they will really, really shine. In the OEM colourway they feature a black POM housing and a white-ish stem made up of “something” (aka POM and some other stuff). 

Cherry Hyperglide (MX Blacks)
We have been lucky enough to secure a fine batch of Cherry Hyperglide MX Blacks. 5 pin, 60g weight and black on black just as your Aunty who worked in accounts used to rock (but new). This will likely be a permanent, in stock item, should they sell out don’t stress. They’ll be back in a week or so.

Aliaz Silent Tactiles
That’s right Tactile fans, I have not forgotten about you. A small shipment of Aliaz Silent Tactiles for your silent tactile needs has been secured. Its been said that these are basically Zeal housings with a Gateron silent tactile stem, they’re bright pink in that (possibly Zeal) translucent housing. A light helping of 204g0 is highly recommended as well. 

Krytox 205g0 RESTOCK
You almost did it you savages, ALMOST. It was close, I got down to literally 5 tubs available. Stock has been replenished now and 205 is back to its typical, plentiful supply. 15ml tubs will be back in stock for you lubing pleasure in about a week, just waiting for the tubs to arrive!

Even more switches (Moyus anyone??), Pandas likely, 105 Oils, even more stickers and crying in public for attention (as usual).

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