Our Story

ALLCAPS is an Australian keyboard vendor and home of in-stock, easy to source mechanical keyboard parts and accessories. We’re more than a vendor, we’re a community of enthusiasts, obsessed with one thing: our keyboards. 

It all started with lube. We started surreptitiously wit’s a couple of kilos of Krytox 205g0 because it could never be found in stock. I was annoyed for myself and on behalf of my mates in the community, so being the type of person I am (a loser) I went off to seek out a distributor! We began selling to the AUMK community by way of “message me and I’ll sort it out” but demand was crazy, so we switched to a Google Form. Soon, we found that it was too unwieldy to manage things that way too! So, to deliver lubricant and accessories to the Australian community ALLCAPS was born!

Fast forward 12 months and we’ve broadened the product lines to lots of switches, PCBs and tools. In September, we expanded further to running Group Buys for the Australian/New Zealand community and how stoked we are to be doing that! Never in our wildest dreams did we think that could happen! 

Typically, my wife has been the silent partner in this whole mess, I’ve even had my daughter placing stickers on lube tubs and switch bags. A family obsessed with keyboards stays together! But, over the next few months the ALLCAPS team will have to expand to allow us to upscale our operations and increase our ability to service our customers. Stay tuned for huge news in this space over the holiday season. 

I genuinely love delivering quality for ALLCAPS customers. I bust my ass every day to get orders shipped, ensuring that ALLCAPS customers can rely on super fast delivery along with our exceptional customer service. Customers have become used to messaging me, JC on all the usual social platforms. In June we opened up the Discord to enable faster comms and even faster updates. With this, we welcomed Jam to the team who is moderating our (extremely) small community. 

Onwards & Upwards from here. ALLCAPS is here to stay, we’re happy to be here and couldn’t be more stoked to be delivering quality products for our community and customers.