ALL CAPS Late March 2021 Updates! Huge SWITCH & Modding Drop!

ALL CAPS Late March 2021 Updates! Huge SWITCH & Modding Drop!


Somehow this site is still running, who knows how. Thank you all again for your continued support and kindness, this community is actually amazing. ALL CAPS would not be where we are today without you and our lack of ambition and limited knowledge of e-commerce platforms.

March has been a HUGE month for us here because we are finally able to offer you all switches! You’re goddamn right, here for the first time are switches and switch parts ready for consumption!

Stem Holders RESTOCK Due 23rd March
Back in stock NOW, go gettem you savages! Only took you guys like 2 weeks to scoop up all of the stock I had. I ordered double this time, in an effort to keep this in stock for as long as I can.

Switch Pullers RESTOCK Due 26th March
As above, but for the classico green switch puller. Back in stock and ready to go.

Milky Top Gat Yellows
Don’t lie to me, you know Milky Gats are amazing. You know they’re a gateway drug, Gat Yellows are basically meth in keyboard terms. Priced accordingly and ready for your enjoyment/wallet discontent as you get sucked into this hobby’s vortex. You have been warned.

SPRiT Springs
The King of Spring(s) is available at ALL CAPS now! In your favourite spring weights, limited styles at first but we will be adding to this product line as the months gruellingly and inevitably churn on.

Gateron Milky Tops
Made from nylon and in the Gateron signature milly colourway, these top housings are the key to thocc. Pivotal to a thoccy frankenswitch build, a milky top gives your switch that extra crisp clonk that only pure, kinda white but not really top housings can provide. Stock up for your next build or start your frankenswitch adventure here!

Mini SP Grab Bags
Everyone knows how risky an entire SP grab bag can be. Why bother! ALL CAPS has parted you out a fun little 5-9 keycap bag for a cool $3. Available now until stocks last. Not sure if I’ll stock these again cause it’s a real PITA to part out 1KG of keycaps.

Finally, thank you
Thank you for reading this far, thank you for even considering buying anything from us, thank you for ordering and supporting me and this silly venture we call ALL CAPS. I will be giving this thing a big kick in the ass this year, with the ultimate goal to bring you all a frequent number of interesting parts, switches, springs and lubricants to get your builds done just the way you want them. Here’s to 2021, let’s hope it doesn’t suck.

...April 2021
More switches, even more RESTOCKS, SPRiT springs, switch openers (finally), and of course punching myself in the face each day just to feel something, anything.

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