Two Keyboards, Endless Possibilities - Cupid65 & Shark67 are LIVE!

Two Keyboards, Endless Possibilities - Cupid65 & Shark67 are LIVE!

Cupid65 and Shark67 are in Group Buy this month!

Two heavyweight keyboards dropped this week at ALLCAPS! The Cupid65 and Shark67 are two massive 65% keyboards that are highly customisable to suit your preferences and setups!



Designed by the team that bought you the acclaimed Heracles 80 TKL, the Cupid continues on with some cute design cues - namely the continuation of the engraved blocking. Now moved from the bottom to the side of the board, it complements the rounded bezels of the unit.

This complex, yet sophisticated design is available in a variety of colours for customers to deliberate over. Will it be Banana Milkshake Yellow or maybe Grapefruit Soda Orange? 

Featuring wired and wireless, Cupid name plate, titanium plate frames and just a beautiful design this limited pre-order is only open until October 5th.


The Shark67 dropped this week as well, ensuring that everyone who wants to get a premium and highly customization keyboard can do so!


Simple, yet elgant. The Shark67 is an unlimited GB with EIGHT colour options to choose from. Pricing starts at just $170AUD for a complete kit with wireless capability, gasket mount, and flex cut options for those that like a little bounce to their typing experience. RGB is included (south facing) as well as a variety of plate options!

Offered in a variety of pastel colours, the Shark is a solid unit that offers a 7 degree typing angle with premium silicon gasket socks applied to the plate. Additionally, a variety of plate materials and configurations are available for those that like to customise their build. Foam is included, but not necessary to get a wonderful sound out of this keyboard.

The Shark67 is live through September 25th.

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