TinyMats Pre-Order is LIVE!

TinyMats Pre-Order is LIVE!

That’s right, you read it right, TINYMATS are LIVE.

After seemingly months upon months upon months of teasing and delays (lol) we are FINALLY ready to release the pre-order. 

Here’s the thing, it’s not going to be much of a pre-order because the mats are already being made now. Right now, as you read this. However, to be nice to you because we know you’re a kind and thoughtful keyboard enthusiast we’re offering pre-order mats at 25% if you use the code TINYMATS25 at check out. 

Three sizes available!
- 34cm x 15cm x 4mm
65% - 38cm x 15cm x 4mm
75%/TKL - 40cm x 19cm x 4mm
Care Directions - Machine washable, hang dry

Our mats weigh nothing, so shipping costs are not impacted. This means that in our standard base rate shipping you could order all three sizes and colours and not impact your shipping fee. Go ahead and add switches or whatever, the standard cost for shipping (which is roughly 500 grams in weight) will definitely not be impacted. 

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