Switches have arrived at ALL CAPS!

Switches have arrived at ALL CAPS!

You’re probably as shocked as we are. But you heard it here first, switches are now available at ALL CAPS.

We are starting off with a true legend: Gateron Milky Top Yellows! 70 for a cool $20. HECK YES. We have some sneaky surprises for you giant legends over the course of the next few weeks, months or however long it takes for us to get shut down. But, we (read, I) am very excited to start broadening the product lines for customers while still offering our tried and true in stock items such as Krytox Grade 0 lubricants, Dielectric Grease and Idyllic Switch Films.

Switches currently shipping to us:

  • Cherry Retooled Blacks
  • Aliaz Silent Tactiles (60g)

Switches pending processing and shipping:

  • Everglide Moyus
  • Bsun Pandas
  • Durock POM Linears

We are expecting a shipment of switch modding parts to drop shortly. This will include housings, springs and stems for your modding enjoyment.


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