KKB Alhambra is live!

KKB Alhambra is live!

This is not a drill. Introducing Keepo’s historically influenced set, a warm yet subtle throwback to Spanish Royal architecture. Set of the year? We’re in love, regardless.

Alhambra was constructed by the Sultans of the Sultanate of Granada, the last remaining Muslim taifa kingdom in Andalusia, during 13rd and 14th century AD. Combining Islamic and Western architecture style and elements, it represents the pinnacle of Moorish architecture and, to the present day, stands as one of the great architectural achievements of humanity. 

GB LIVE through Sept 9

KKB Alhambra is available at ALLCAPS and your favourite regional, listed below.

USA: Clickclack
CA: Ashkeebs
EU: Eloquentclicks
UK: Prototypist
CN: zFrontier
OCE: Allcaps
LATAM: LatamKeys
SEA: Mecha.store
Thailand: Aiglatson Studio
VN: TheKeebStore
TW: PPD Keyboard
Indonesia: Mechaland



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