ALLCAPS Late-January 2022 Updates! THE STABBING, GB Updates!

ALLCAPS Late-January 2022 Updates! THE STABBING, GB Updates!


Like most things, time just inevitably churns on and on, forever. Somehow, January’s come and gone.

As if we didn’t have enough problems here’s another terrible ALLCAPS update with probably nothing decent to add. In the same vein, maybe there is something that’s interesting? Or, maybe JUST maybe I only type these cause it makes me feel good. Please don’t cancel me, it’s all I have.

Anyways, lots happening. Store is coming along nicely and there’s a lot of action in the Group Buy space - please see below. There has been a lot of movement lately, a bunch of GBs are about to drop. Feb’s updates are going to be proper wild. January’s tho? HORRIBLE.



Pretty much every variety of stab we have has been either stocked or restocked this month (or will be in the next few days)!  This means that of course, we had to come up with a super fun, super shit slogan. Like, for real. So, enjoy the stabbing. And, should you be in need of some stabs we have them, in stock and ready to go. Joy!


Group buys are in order of run date, please scroll to find your GB of choice. New format, hopefully less torture for our friends viewing on mobile. 

SA PolyClear / Keycaps
STATUS: Invoices Paid, Manu starting soon
ETA: Q4 2022
Ciel60 / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: Manu complete, shipping to begin soon. See further update below.
ETA: Q1, 2022
Charue Switches / Switches
STATUS: Manu complete, shipping to ALLCAPS early Feb.
ETA: Q1, 2022
BBN Linear / Switches
STATUS: Manu underway, looking to be complete after CNY.
ETA: Q1, 2022
Trans Awareness Mats / Deskmats
STATUS: Manu underway
ETA: Q1, 2022
Seiryu Deskmats / Deskmats
STATUS: Manu underway
ETA: Q2, 2022
Switchlab Journey Mats / Deskmats
STATUS: Manu complete, shipping to us soon
ETA: Q1, 2022


Detailed updates

Ciel 60% Update
Incredibly, the shipping invoice landed with me this week and will be paid ASAP. With CNY in the way, we will likely not see shipping begin until around Feb 11th or so. With shipping, customs and local delivery I would say we are looking at around the first week of March. QC will take 2-3 weeks once they arrive to the ALLCAPS office. Our plan is to QC and ship as we go, you may also opt to collect your board from our Sunshine location.



Things that you could possibly buy later that will ship even later. Limited run, one time thing - you know the deal.


MilkyWay Alpenglow - Still TBA

We were originally looking to jump into GB mid-Jan but the designers are doing another round of colour matching before opening up the GB. Will keep you posted!

KAT Chinchilin - Jan 31st - Feb 31st

Heading into GB Jan 31st is one of our all time fave sets KAT Chinchillin! Purpley, pinky and a warm white vibe with inspiration taken from everyone’s favourite fluffy friends: chinchillas! An absolute must cop!


Things we restocked, or reupped again for your purchasing pleasure, or pain. Depends on what you like, really. Not many this month cause we've been slammed on GBs/we over ordered everything.
Krytox Lubricants
Restock for 205 due Feb 7th. Hundreds of tubs. Prepare yourself. Lots of other lube varieties have been parted out already and will probably be in stock for a long while, hopefully. Cause it’s kinda a ball ache to part out.

Lubed & Filmed Switches
Gateron Pro Milky Yellows will be up next, ETA 3 weeks or more.

Switch Testers
When we have time, we will make them! Count on these being available once the office is open to visitors!

Gateron Pro Milky Yellows
Restock due next week, 31st-2nd ish. A lot, like, a lot.

MX Blacks
Also due next week around 2nd. Smaller restock due to supplier shortages prior to CNY. Might have to order more sooner than we’d like but we couldn’t get many boxes. Soz if you miss out pals. 

Durock Films & Stabs
Films are in, stabs are not. Stabs will be available Monday, 31st.


New things to the store you can buy now, or perhaps later depending on when they arrive.


(Image shamelessly stolen from Ashkeebs, another stockist)

Kailh Blacks

Yep. Go gettem. In stock, ready to ship. In 10 packs so you can cop what you need, rather than being stuck to a 70/90/110 pack. I can see you drooling, it’s OK, I’m excited too.


Lube Stations
Built by a local maker, in-stock and ready to party. Available in two sizes. Mid-Feb. Be ready!

Yes, FFS you guys have beaten it into me and I have listened (eventually). ALLCAPS will be offering PE foam PCB stickers later this month. I might even stock painters tape so you can cop all your mods in one location - kinda joking about this one… maybe.

Aqua Kings
CNY ruined the run on these, they will not be stocked until March now.

Site Re-Redesign
Nearly done, the new design is really neat. Looks pretty similar to the old one, just less shit. Will drop the day we open, so that’s kinda a lowkey trigger to note when the office/store is open - ya dig.



THEY FIXED THE A/C. Fah-iron-ally. We have thrown in some more gear into the space and are awaiting the FINAL delivery of furniture before we can open officially. Payroll has been setup, the accountants are locked and loaded, internet is online, the toilet flushes, training will commence with staff soon (ish). There will be many, many posts on our socials leading up to opening day. Please don’t cancel us. 

At this point it looks like our soft opening day will land somewhere in the second-or-third week of Feb and will probably be a Tuesday. We will then fall into our normal operational hours Tuesday, Thursday 10-3 and Saturday 10-12. We will be having a catered and drinks provided for party/mini meet at some stage to open the store officially. Announcement soon.

Some operational notes:

  • Yes, it’s an actual keyboard store, no we’re not insane
  • Yes, you can select “local pickup” in cart (soonTM) and come and collect it when you get the notification - only during advertised hours
  • Yes, if it’s available online you can come in off the street and buy it. The stock online is the same as the stock in store
  • Yes, you can try shit out in store and ask our group of seasoned experts for advice
  • Yes, you can buy extras from the store. We’d prefer it if you didn’t order GB items while you’re in person, but you do you

  • No, there is no cash onsite. It’s 2022, who even carries cash, srsly? Sorry about that, you will need to pay by PayPal or Card should you want to make a purchase
  • No, you can’t sleep there - I’m not allowed to, so you can’t either
  • No, there are no after hours collection options. We’re open Saturday mornings if you need it
  • Unfortunately we are not hiring at this time, but thank you for your interest



Later, gater

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