ALLCAPS Late-Feb 2022 Updates! MW Alpenglow & DMK Midnight GBs LIVE!

ALLCAPS Late-Feb 2022 Updates! MW Alpenglow & DMK Midnight GBs LIVE!

Good LORD it’s another boring ALLCAPS update. Please sit quietly into the end, there will be no surprises.

For those of you still reading (and groaning) it’s been a minute / a whole month since one of these horrid updates and in fairness, a lot has been going on! Our Sunshine location is open and in full swing! Deliveries are going out Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays! Pickups avail every day including Saturday! If you’d like to stay up to date then hit our Discord, we have a channel that we use to update happenings around the shop.


We are simps deep down!

That’s why we keep running things, we are just simps for pretty tings! Not only cause we’re insane but because we value high quality designs, colourways and good people. Since we last spoke and cried longingly together in each other’s warm embrace, we’ve had a metric shit tonne of Group Buys drop!

This year we are really focussing on dropping quality GBs - things we would recommend to anyone, our friends and family, your mum or anyone that likes pretty things on their desk.

Stay tuned for more, there’s A LOT in store for you this year.


Sunshine is open!

This is where ALLCAPS is physically located at 2/77 Hampshire Road, Sunshine. If you haven’t swung by then pop by whenever, so long as it’s in our opening hours. Wednesdays will be added soon!


Group buys are in order of run date, please scroll to find your GB of choice. New format, hopefully less torture for our friends viewing on mobile. 

SA PolyClear / Keycaps
STATUS: Invoices Paid, Manu starting soon
ETA: Q4 2022
Ciel60 / Keyboard Kit
STATUS: With customs! Should be with ALLCAPS 3/3
ETA: Late Q1, 2022
Charue Switches / Switches
ETA: Q1, 2022
BBN Linear / Switches
ETA: Q1, 2022
Trans Awareness Mats / Deskmats
STATUS: Manu underway
ETA: Q1, 2022
Seiryu Deskmats / Deskmats
STATUS: Manu underway, shipping to us soon
ETA: Q2, 2022
Switchlab Journey Mats / Deskmats
STATUS: Manu complete, shipping to us soon
ETA: Q1, 2022


Detailed updates

Ciel 60% Update
This is wild, we have received updates this weekend that the Ciel shipment is with customs. Expect a short delay here while we follow up, however I expect release in the coming days. ETA to ALLCAPS is somewhere around 3/3. 

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you’ll get your board straight away, sorry about that! What it means is that we will be able to begin QCing the boards ready for delivery and/or pickup. We anticipate that QC will take 2 weeks, packaging and shipping will LIKELY take additional week.



Things that you could possibly buy later that will ship even later. Limited run, one time thing - you know the deal.


MilkyWay Alpenglow - Closing Mar 13th

We were originally looking to jump into GB mid-Jan but the designers are doing another round of colour matching before opening up the GB. Will keep you posted!

DMK x Zero G Studio Midnight 25th Feb - 20th Mar

Midnight is a spooky set that features light and dark alphas in your choice of double or triple shot alphas. Coupled with a wide variety of add ons like a switch, cable, a couple of artisans and a lovely deskmat. Probably one of the sets of the year, lowkey.

Mechade Deskmats 11th Feb - 11th Mar

Channelling your favourite time holes of yesteryear but with a keyboardy flavour, Contra’s latest design is pure fire. Available in a bunch of quirky colourways this mat is not to be missed.


Things we restocked, or reupped again for your purchasing pleasure, or pain. Depends on what you like, really. Not many this month cause we've been slammed on GBs/we over ordered everything.
Krytox Lubricants
205 and 204 have be heavily re-stocked. Only about 1/3 of what we have has been listed, we have literal kilos that we just haven’t parted out. 

Lubed & Filmed Switches
Gateron Pro Milky Yellows will be up next, ETA 2 weeks or more.

Switch Testers
When we have time, we will make them! Count on these being available once the BBNs have arrived.

Gateron Pro Milky Yellows
Arrived, you buy now!


New things to the store you can buy now, or perhaps later depending on when they arrive.

Literally nothing, we just moved. Bare with us.


Lube Stations
Built by a local maker, in-stock and ready to party. Available in two sizes. Early-March. Be ready!

Aqua Kings
CNY ruined the run on these, they will be restocked in March.



WE’RE OPEN! 2/77 Hampshire Rd, Sunshine.

TUE 10-3
WED 10-3 (Beginning March)
THU 10-3
SAT 10-12 

I have to say, this whole thing is crazy. We used to sell lube out of my study! Now, there’s way too many things to list that I’m thankful for but hooley Dooley you all have been so rad. Words don’t express.. it’s OK I won’t bore you with the usual sob story but oh man YOU GUYS!

Later, gater

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