ALLCAPS Late August 2021 Update!

ALLCAPS Late August 2021 Update!

Hi friends,

Well, we did a thing and have now welcomed baby numero two into the world. So far, we’ve not managed to starve her but we are freaking tired. Like, mega tired. In any event, here’s another zany ALLCAPS bi-monthly update. Prepare yourself.



You know, a place to burn me for being a loser with limited to no consequences. Modded by the talented (and all round legend Jamboards) the ALLCAPS Discord ready for you and your questions about Krytox restocks. It is the best place to stay up to date with everything we’re doing right now.

This is awkward. I don’t really know how to say it so, I’m just going to come right out and say it: we ran out of stickers. I had thought I had another thousand or so sitting around, but I was wrong. More are on the way but the next few orders will ship with no stickers. Please don’t hate me, I’m just doing what I can ya dig.


Honestly never thought I would be in a position to offer GBs. I am so happy to bring interesting projects to you guys!

A Martian View
Phenomenal Deskmat created by Contrakeys channeling retro-tech space vibes. Available in four colourways! Requested by the community and made available at ALLCAPS!

Status: Manufacturing 
ETA: September-October 2021
GB link:
Update: Production of our mats is underway! A couple of other vendors have already had theirs complete the manufacturing stage. Should be a couple of weeks to complete, then 3-6 weeks for shipping (cause it’s sea freight). Looking at Late Sept/Early Oct depending on how long the shipping takes. 

Extras will be made available once the GB orders are shipped.

Wildlife Series Switches

Rebult Keyboards latest switches are absolutely LIGHTS OUT. They are long pole, Zykos and Cherry Pie homages wrapped in a little local Malay flair. The Penyu (Turtle) Linear and Harimau (Tiger) Tactile sound insane stock, even better lubed and will be available in both variants through ALLCAPS for AU & NZ customers. Group buy is open now at ALLCAPS, don’t miss out!

ETA: Q4 2021
GB Link:
Update: Group Buy is open on the site now! Closes August 31st! 

SA Polyclear 

We are incredibly humbled to be a part of this phenomenal GB! ALLCAPS will be vendoring this set to AU/NZ customers! 

Transparent Polycarb Keycaps in classic sculpted SA, with number of kits (including 40s!) so you can go the whole hog and complete your transparent build, or punctuate an existing set with some nice clear blanks! Be sure to check the IC on Geekhack to get the full run down before the buy opens in September.

Status: GB starts soon
ETA: Groux Buy begins Sept, 20th
GB Link:
Update: Still in IC, but looking like Mid-Late September GB.



Cherry MX Blacks

Switch Openers
ALSO RESTOCKED. Only these ones are silver, I mean it’s a minor difference if that but just something to keep in mind.

Gat Yellows

Durock & Idyllic Films
Both due in a couple of weeks.

Durock POM Linears
I have made a small order of these switches, they will be here in like 1-2 weeks, maybe. Who really knows, shipping is cooked right now.


An order was placed for LITERALLY THOUSANDS of new brushes a couple of weeks back. AND WE RECEIVED THEM TODAY. These are ALLCAPS branded and feature slightly updated design. Same price, new product, same if not better performance. I have not taken the photos for these yet, but I will. For now the older photo will do the job, it’s a white brush after all. I have released a small batch of 200 to the store to tide us over until the product shots are done.

105, 204 & BDZ

Seriously you legends keep surprising me. I have ordered kilos and kilos of this shit this year and the minute I part it out and restock, it’s gone! To prevent this from happening with this restock - which is due around Sept 4th - I have ordered triple what I would usually. Hopefully this is enough to keep it in stock for longer than 2 weeks. My aim is to have this in-stock for you all, all the time. We will be scaling this over the next few months and into next year to ensure that you don’t ever have to wait for 205. 105 too, but that’s harder cause my supplier can’t keep it in stock either.


Lubed & Filmed Switches
Our first batch of Gateron Yellows sold insanely well, from myself and the lubing team we are overwhelmed with the support from you guys! I have just sent out the next batches of switches to be lubed by the guys, so in a couple of weeks we will have even more on the site. This time, we are opening up the variety a bit more introducing the Matchas, MX Blacks along with the Gat Yellows.

A few other small batch switches will be added over the coming weeks as well, just to offer more variety and give you all something new to try without having to actually do anything yourself. 

Durock Thick Films
I have ordered a small batch of Durock’s thick films. They are .3mm thick, closer to that of the standard Deskeys film. ETA 2 weeks.

Idyllic Keyboard Stands
Long time ALLCAPS contributor, Idyllic will be supplying a batch of his v3 stands to us starting in September. They will retail for $28. ETA 2-3 weeks.

Durock Springs
Out with SPRiT cause they’re as unreliable as Metro (for my Melbourne mates) and they’ve ghosted me for months. With that, comes a series of disappointments and long nights questioning myself at the deepest level. So, we are proud to bring you Durock Long and Multi-stage springs starting in September! GET HYPED LEGENDS! A number of weights will be on offer and they will be priced reasonably, I am not able to say what that is just yet. ETA  2 weeks.

That's it for now keyboard friends. I will be back next month with some more good news, depending on what you classify as “good”, or “news”. For daily and specific product go-lives please join the discord.



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