ALLCAPS Baby Number Two!

ALLCAPS Baby Number Two!

My fellow keyboard enthusiasts,

ALLCAPS is taking a little break for the next few days due to the impending arrival of our new daughter. She’ll be joining us all sometime on Saturday and as such we will be offline until Tuesday when orders will resume shipping again.

Thank you all for the support and the kind words, it really means a lot! For now, orders can still be made at ALLCAPS, it will just take a couple of days to process. Rest assured that by Friday things should be back to kinda, sorta normal shipping wise.

We are even expecting our 204/105/BDZ shipment in soon! Brushes due week after next (cause they’re gonna be branded, yo) and a new group buy to start off August with a BIG BANG - huge month for everyone! Very exciting!

Thank you again Keyboard Friends, big love to all of you and your kind words. 

Much love,


PS: How endgame is that thumbnail?! 

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