ALLCAPS Early-October 2021 Updates! Ciel60 & SA Polyclear!

ALLCAPS Early-October 2021 Updates! Ciel60 & SA Polyclear!

Well well, if it isn't yet another tiresome ALLCAPS update. Feel free to ignore / report for spam or if you're a loser like me, cry deeply.

We have been CRAZY busy this last month, with even more on the way that we can't announce yet. It's a big lead up the the end of yet another fizzer that was 2021. Hold onto your butts... the Ciel60 GB went live this week and SA Polyclear has a couple of weeks left. Get in quick before these current GBs SoonTM their way into production!



ts a thing still, join if you’d like more up to the minute updates or you wanna burn me daily.

Delayed... maybe November kids. New designs tho, so there's that if it helps in any way.

Site redesign!
Yep, we redesigned the whole damn thing cause we didn't like the old one! Tell us what you think in the comments section, anywhere.

Green Commitment
At ALLCAPS we are super aware of our footprint and that we use a shittonne (technical term) of single use plastics. In an effort to reduce our footprint overall and be less polarbear habitat-y destroy-y we are starting the slow, walrus like migration to biodegradable packaging. The caveat being that we can't necessarily control what our suppliers will ship things in (aka Durock, the kings of the stickered zip-lock), we will do what we can to ensure our packing and shipping materials are as eco friendly as possible.

Believe me, we are aware of the irony and futility of shipping plastic in paper but at least we're doing something, ya dig. Someone has to look after the polar bears, why not start at home? This process has begun, paper bags will be used instead of the larger ziplocks you have all come to love/hate. Bubble wrap has been swapped for paper honeycomb and GB/Deskmat orders will go out in recyclable cardboard boxes with paper filler. We will push through our last remaining (evil) plastic stock and transition over to fully recyclable mats as soon as possible. WIN for us and the environment. 



Group buys are in order of run date, please scroll to find your GB of choice. Or, read them all, up to you.

A Martian View Deskmats
Phenomenal Deskmat created by Contrakeys channeling retro-TechTarget space vibes. 

Status: Shipping to ALLCAPS (delayed)
ETA: September-October 2021 DELAYED
GB link:
Update: Production of our mats has completed and the mats have been shipped. They left port on 22nd Sept which puts arrival behind schedule, but somewhere around Mid-October all things going well. They were loaded on the 14th but it took a week to leave the port. Hoping for a substantial update here soon. I literally check the tracking every single day! Extras will be made available once the GB orders are shipped.

Wildlife Series Switches
Rebult Keyboards latest switches are absolutely LIGHTS OUT. They are long pole, Zykos and Cherry Pie homages wrapped in a little local Malay flair. The Penyu (Turtle) Linear and Harimau (Tiger) Tactile sound insane stock, even better lubed and will be available in both variants through ALLCAPS for AU & NZ customers.

Status: Manufacturing complete, shipping to Rebult!
GB Link:
Update: JWK HAVE COMPLETED MANU! Switches are on the way to Rebult, which means that our allocation will be here probably in November. Prepare thy selves! Extras once the GB orders are shipped 100%.

SA Polyclear Keycaps

We are incredibly humbled to be a part of this phenomenal GB! ALLCAPS will be vendoring this set to AU/NZ customers! 

Transparent Polycarb Keycaps in classic sculpted SA, with number of kits (including 40s!) so you can go the whole hog and complete your transparent build, or punctuate an existing set with some nice clear blanks! Be sure to check the IC on Geekhack to get the full run down before the buy opens in September.

ETA: Q1 2022 GB OPEN
GB Link:
Update: GB open now! We made a mistake and have added the whole kit bundle should you want one of everything. MOQ has cleared, we are good to go with this mother!

Ciel60 - Gasket mount 60% kit

The Ciel60 is here! ALLCAPS is proud to bring you a modified open-source bakeneko, but with some nice quality of life improvements in striking colourways! Our favourite is the super super nice Burgundy, but the lilac is fire too. $250, yes $250 Australian dollars is your entry to the world of complete custom boards and we're happy to have you!

Status: GB CLOSES 21st OCT
ETA: Q2 2022 GB OPEN
GB Link:
Update: GB open now! COP COP! (jokes)



Durock POMs, Films (both kinds) & Stabs

Durock Stabs
2u separates will be available shortly. We are investigating the possibility of 3u wires or separates too. Stay tuned.

Dielectric Grease & 205
I have so much of the lube, so few containers. 1000 tubs were ordered before the Chinese holiday, but the supplier did not ship them. They were shipped to me today, which means 205 will be in stock again around the 15th Oct. 

Lubed & Filmed Switches
MX Blacks, Matchas and Gat Yellows all on the way. Next week perhaps!

Aqua Kings
Normally, a switch this popular we would have restocked by now. But, unfortunately there are a few other switches in the pipeline that we are working on. Once they are here and ready to go Aqua Kings will be restocked. Looking like somewhere around mid-late November. 


Durock Springs
Have landed! Check them out, community feedback is good so far! If you're an irony fan, SPRiT messaged me today so I mean, that's strange right?

ThicThacThok x ALLCAPS Cables
The much hyped cables will be live next week. Date is currently TBC, I am able to release the pricing though! It will $50 for a straight cable and $60 for a coiled. The initial drop is quite small and we are super sorry to disappoint you all, but more are on the way! We wanted to test the community's appetite for this sort of in-stock offering, feedback has been quite good so far!

The first drop includes an exclusive ALLCAPS themed Purple/Teal Coiled banger as well as various straight cables in single colours like Black, Pastel Pink and such. All are USB-C, all have been hand made, QC'd and packaged by TTT and the ALLCAPS team. Please keep your eyes peeled to Discord & IG for release date and time. Maybe Wednesday. We'll see?


Pantheon Keys Switch Openers

Partnering with our mates at Pantheon Keys, we will be bringing in these lovely openers this year. We have received the protos and we LOVE them. Red and Black will be the two colourways on offer this round (yes, there will be multiple rounds). Invoice has been received but not processed - I got it this afternoon and no, I did not pay it immediately. Shame on me. These SHOULD arrive in December MAYBE late November if we get lucky with shipping. Price point is somewhere in the $20-30 range, this is not yet finalised. 

Gateron Restock
We are going to bringing in some newer offerings from Gateron over the next couple of months, definitely before Christmas. The team have personally tested these switches and think the price point and quality work really well for the community. We will be releasing details as things start to show up! We will be ordering in the last week of October for a November stock drop!

Wow this went on longer than I expected. Best to ignore anything written after this point as it's probably just "man screams at cloud" but in the written form. Seriously you guys, I am constantly floored by your positivity and kindness towards ALLCAPS, the team and I. I can't believe we are here and after almost a year (1st year ticks over November 3rd!) it's still feels like an impossible dream somehow. From the team, my family and the bottom of my cheeto dust filled keyboards: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, LEGENDS!


Later gater,

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