ALL CAPS Late June Updates! Restocks, Switches and More Switches!

ALL CAPS Late June Updates! Restocks, Switches and More Switches!

Man these updates are getting long! But, there is lots happening... Thanks again for all your support, messages and tags - I really do appreciate it. There’s a lot to update you on this month! 

Here’s another classic ALL CAPS late-month update below, or skip to the end to see the dramatic conclusion (the butler did it).


In the interest of keeping you all abreast (lol) of what is happening with the store, we will have a short shutdown period in August to welcome our second daughter into the world. She is due in August, thus there will be a brief period of downtime for the store as we adjust to having a baby in the house again. Everything is tracking well and Mum and Baby are healthy as, champion.

AusPost vs Sendle
Recently, Sendle have been totally cooking it. I have left them as a shipping option, but they are no longer preferred. I have (unfortunately) switched back to AusPost, so your default shipping option will be AusPost Reg. In the interest of transparency, we’ve had a bunch of dodgy deliveries lately and a few lost. Too many for comfort, so until they can sort themselves out they’ve been cut. Should you desire Sendle, they remain an option but are no longer our preference.



MX Browns
I feel like I am about to get meme’d pretty hard, but the sheer amount of messages I got about MX Browns was too hard to ignore. So, I have copped a small batch for y’all. If you guys like them and the pricing is right I will order more in the next restock with Cherry.

MX Blacks
Restocked with the Browns, easily my favourite switch we have in stock right now. Don’t get me started on how good these are, like anything that’s worth it you gotta put in the work to make them sing. And OH BOY do they sing!

Aqua Kings & Moyus
Available now and ready to ship.

205g0 & 204g0
The last batch ran out so quickly I had barely opened the giant container and parted it out before it sold out. This time I have ordered so much of it that I could (and will) bathe in it daily for the foreseeable future - how do you think I get this lovely, all day glow? Live online now and shipping tomorrow.

Idyllic Films
Heck YES. My favourite films will be restocked this week! Back in black and ready for your switches, babes. 

Macha Stabs
To match the Joininkeys Matchas, these plate mount stabs are a nice addition to your plate mount build. These are not being sold as our typical TKL kits, instead it will include a single 6.25u spacebar and 7x 2u instead, nice price too. Available from Friday, 25th June.

Bask in stock! They’re from a new supplier, but are mostly the same. Can’t do wrong for $3.

They have finally stopped ghosting me and conversations are back underway. We are looking and restocking springs again in the coming weeks which should mean that our lube stations will be ready to go too... finally.



Kailh Reds & Blacks
I have not forgotten about you Kailh long pole fiends! I am still shopping around for the best possible Kailh price but ultimately I think these will be delayed at least another month or so as I work with some of my new suppliers. These switches seem to be a strange commodity, some suppliers have them insanely cheap with huge MOQs, others are expensive with a short MOQ. I am trying to find the right balance of MOQ vs price, which I have not found yet. Please bare with me. 

New Switches
I have, however met some new suppliers recently and they have some very cool, hype switches that I am investigating with them. I will likely be ordering some of these once the Gateron order has been processed and switches start leaving.

Gateron Milky Top Yellows
I know y’all have been waiting for these to drop and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long! Should be paying this invoice this week. Which means they should land with me somewhere in the region of the last week of this month, or first week of next. I am playing with the idea of adding Black Ink V2s or possibly all milky Gat Blacks as well. Keen to see what y’all think.

That’s it for now. Sorry it has taken so long to re-stock your most needed of items. I am not very good at this commerce thing, so please bare with me as a learn to commerce. If there are things you’re looking for or keen as a been to get your hands on feel free to message me on any of the platforms where you see me active.

Oh, and I started a Discord. It still sucks and I am learning as I go, please flame me.


Later, Gater.


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