ALL CAPS Mid-April Updates! Restonks Galore!

ALL CAPS Mid-April Updates! Restonks Galore!


What a ride. I am completely humbled and shocked at each and every order that comes though, honestly. Hopefully you all had a nice Easter Break and are ready for more soul crushing normality that is real life. Unfortunately, nothing exciting is happening around here due to you guys buying everything. Thus, April is restock month! 

ALL restocks listed below have been ordered and paid for, we are simply awaiting delivery or processing. Please don’t hate me if something you’re dying for isn’t listed, things are super busy this month!

Cherry Hyperglides (MX Blacks)back in stock NOW! A large batch has been ordered and processed, ready for your next builds.

Gat Milky Top Yellows - the budget linear king is back! Stock is bagged up and ready to ship now!

Durock POM Linears - due week of May 3rd. A significant restock has been ordered so don’t stress if you missed out on the drop from April 1st. I have ordered more than double the last drop in an effort to keep these in stock longer.

SPRiT Springs - recently a number of the SPRiT spring options sold out, so the most popular varieties have been reordered. Similarly, 55g, 63.5g and 65g SLOW springs have either been added as options or restocked. Due week of April 27th.

Accessories - pullers, openers and holders all due week of April 27th.

Krytox 205g0 15ml - 205 is in stock and has been for a couple of weeks, the tubs are not. Still pending delivery, but are due any day now.


Upcoming Releases!
To give you guys some transparency, this is what we have been working on over the last few weeks and months with our suppliers. Sure, we’re small-fry, non threatening and pathetic but very proud to be able to bring these products to you guys!

Krytox BDZ - you keep asking, so here it is. Dragonballz will finally be in stock somewhere! Limited stock cause it’s so damn expensive. Available late April.

SPRiT lube stations - designed by the man himself and cut in Korea, these lube stations are just what you need for your next lube adventure. Holds 64 switches, stems and springs. Translucent colourway, available early May.

Durock POM Tactiles - 
was really on the fence about these but smarter people than me have recommended I stock em. So, here they are. Factory lubed and ready to go, likely around late May.

BSUN Crystal Pandas - also due May. We are bringing a batch of RGB ooze Pandas to Aus, tactile and with a cool purple stem these are likely the first time you’ve seen these available in Aus (or  anywhere, really).

Durock Stabs - Smokey v2 stabs have been ordered at the same time as the POMs!

Durock Switch Films - Idyllic's films are still our go-to films. But, if you’re not into them we will be offering Durock films as an alternative! Slightly cheaper, transparent and wholesome for your next build.

Finally tactiles, MX Clears for your Ergo Clear needs, BDZ lube (limited drop), SPRiT springs restock, Durock Stabs, maybe Kailh long pole stems and accidentally bumping into strangers just to feel close to someone for once.

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