ALL CAPS Early March 2021 Updates! Huge Accessories Drop!

ALL CAPS Early March 2021 Updates! Huge Accessories Drop!


Well thanks for checking in with us on this fine March evening, afternoon or morning. This month we have a HUGE drop of accessories to get excited about. Yep, tools to get your switch modding rocks off, some available now others later this month!

Accessories & Tools
We are now offering a number of accessories to get you modding, pulling and lubing switches - everything you need to get going. All cheap as chips and available now.

ALL CAPS Switch Openers
Unfortunately, there is a delay with our 3D Printed Switch Openers due to our printer relocating to the ACT (what a loser). We expect these available in the next week or so after he has setup shop again and can begin shipping.

They will be offered for the smooth price of $5 in various, limited colourways. Our switch openers ship with removable inserts for both MX or Kailh style switches so you can swing both ways - should you so desire.

...April 2021
Milky Top Gat Yellows, switch parts, Durock POM Linears and eating my lunch alone in the toilets (again).

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