ALL CAPS Early June Updates! NZ Shipping! New Switches on the way!

ALL CAPS Early June Updates! NZ Shipping! New Switches on the way!


Some big announcements are due so this is a really, really long update. Its nothing in the grand scheme of things, but I am stoked to be able grow with you guys and bring you exciting new switches to test (or buy them simply to flame me on how scratchy they are).

tl;dr - NZ shipping is now live, some stock hasn't arrived/some has, Moyus and Aqua Kings next month maybe Inks too. Victoria in lockdown again (eyeroll).

That's right you giant Kiwi legends. ALL CAPS is now shipping to NZ! I have two options for you guys:

  • Slow, but affordable AusPost ($19)
  • Super fast, but expensive DHL ($35)

Please don't hate me, but I don't trust Sendle with International Shipping yet and I'm sorry I couldn't offer anything cheaper on the Express end. DHL is the best and from pick up to delivery they're tracking at about 2-3 days MAX. So, if you need it fast you have the option at least.

Due to hitting the next band of discount on shipping rates I have passed this on to you guys. AusPost Express is now $12.50 and Sendle standard is $8. If you would prefer AusPost regular (for some ungoldly reason) leave instructions by way of a comment in the order notes and I‘ll sort you out, champion.

ALLCAPS has been forced into lockdown again, along with all of my other Victorian mates. Shipping will continue as normal - local delivery and pick-up options have been disabled for now. Orders will continue to go out daily with ya boy Sendle, AusPost deliveries will hit the post office every other day.

From all of us at ALLCAPS (read: just me, Jon) please stay safe, healthy, get tested if you feel yuck and get vaccinated if you can!

Yeah, we mess up too! Unintentionally, we originally incorrectly listed the Metal Switch Openers as compatible with both MX and Kailh switches. They are MX ONLY. Please send us an email if you are affected by this mistake on the product page.



Due early to mid next week. Sorry it's taken so long but the transit time from my supplier is whack. They project it at anywhere from 10-60 days, we're on the longer end of that now. Hundreds have been ordered, literally hundreds so there is plenty to go around.

Stem Holders
Sorry legends, they sold out quickly again. I have ordered triple the usual amount but they are about 3 weeks away with current shipping times being what they are.

Lube - 205 & DBZ
205 is BACK BAE! And now, for your lubing (...or anything else) pleasure we now have 15ml and BIG BOI 50ml tubs in stock! We sold through quite a bit in the first day, so I have ordered another kilo to keep it in stock and morale high.

DBZ was restocked at the same time! You too can feel that smooth, buttery feel of the thickest shit on the market. I'm talking toothpaste thiccc. 

Gat Yellows
Now the store stable, 70 for $25 really can't go wrong. Unfortunately, we sold out last week. I will have another batch on the way soon, tracking around late June for more. Do you want all milky this time? No? Cool. Might sneak in some Ink Blacks in the order too, we will see...

SPRiT Springs
63.5g and 65g SLOW springs were restocked llast week. 55g SLOWs are still on the way along with a few others.



Metal Switch Openers
Available now, in hand and ready to ship. Super affordable and pretty sporty in the grey colourway. MX only despite originally suggesting otherwise.

YES. They are coming in! Invoice has been paid and shipping is underway. I am sorry about the cost, they are very, very expensive switches to source. Indicative pricing is looking like something like $92-$98 for 70 with customs costs pending. I’ll do my best, but sorry in advance sportsfans. 

Aqua Kings
62g Everglide Aqua Kings are ON. THE. WAY. Yes, you giant legends, the Everglide all translucent bangers will be here in the first (or second or maybe third, who really knows) week of June. Indicative pricing is looking like somewhere in the region of $65-$70 for 70 with customs costs pending.

Two new stab offerings are available NOW to diversify that product range. You guys can now choose from a screw in options from Durock, a Cherry plate mount or Cherry clip-in alternative, should you require it. Every kit is offered in the classic TKL option with 4x 2u, 1x 6.25u and a 1x 7u for max compatibility for the price.

Hyperglides Browns
I don't get it, but here we are. I have had more people than I can count ask me about these. I have no idea why, but I will be ordering these in the next Hyperglide Restock. Strictly limited stock of course, I'm sure it's a troll but I'll play along cause they’re easy to source.

SPRiT Lube Stations
I know, I know. It's been literally months. I also know that a few of you are waiting for this drop intently and I really thank you for your patience. I have the stations in hand, but the bumpons were not included in the shipment we received. SPRiT is in the process of rectifying this, but likely it will be until mid month. I am reviewing a local option as well, in case that will be faster. Sorry guys and sorry to keep you waiting!

Finally, thank you again to everyone who supports with our kindness, tags, DMs, flames and generally doing your bit to get the ALL CAPS name out there. Without you I'd just be a sad man in his bedroom. I am legitmately shocked at each and every order that comes through, thank you for your support and thank you for putting your faith in me to deliever you your keyboard paraphernalia.

Much Love, 

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